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KManX89 said:

As an avid Godzilla fan, I'm very much looking forward to this movie. Despite its issues, I enjoyed the 2014 movie and found it much better than the 1998 abomination which wasn't just a bad Godzilla movie, but bad movie, period. I never bought the argument "if it wasn't called Godzilla, it would be great!" No, it would still be a terrible movie.

Rich of RedLetterMedia said it best in their Half in the Bag episode on the two American Godzilla films (@16:37): "the 2014 movie has its issues, but what it needed to get right, it got absolutely right. This (G98) doesn't get anything right." :

Throw in 3 other iconic monsters, plus the promised increased screentime for Godzilla, and I have reason to be (cautiously) optimistic. 

but who could forget the classic ''that's a lot of fish'' line xD

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Oh yeah, can't wait for May 31st. Looks like it will be a grand spectacle

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T Minus 5 hours until my day 1 screening. Really excited!

Here's the final trailer. (Haven't watched it myself as I'm trying to go in with as blank a slate as possible, without having any of the action bits spoiled)

What makes a good Godzilla movie versus a bad Godzilla movie?

KLAMarine said:
What makes a good Godzilla movie versus a bad Godzilla movie?

Are you asking because KOTM has a 45% on Rotten Tomatos?

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45% on RT or not, I'm seeing it this coming Tuesday. I've been excited for this movie for quite some time. It wouldn't be the first time I thoroughly enjoyed a movie that got mixed reviews from critics. I tend to have lower standards than they do, anyway, and I'm easily entertained by a solid popcorn flick.

KLAMarine said:
What makes a good Godzilla movie versus a bad Godzilla movie?

Besides just being overall fun, a big part of it for me comes down to doing the character justice. Godzilla's supposed to be an epic force of nature that can't be put down by conventional weapons and breathes atomic fire; like a tsunami, a hurricane, and an atomic bomb rolled into one and given flesh. 

They tend not to score highly with critics as by their very nature they're absurd escapism, but that's what I enjoy about them.

 Was reading one review, and just over 3 paragraphs in, I see they actually went ahead and used the....


Estranged/divorced couple plot device for this movie. AKA the relationship salvaging disaster trope. Kid(s) not required, but preferred, for the full "effect". One of my favorite things to roll my eyes at, and a mark of true Hollywood slop. Lazy. Tired. Done to death, but it'll do again. AGAIN.

I think I'm ready to see it now, some day down the line. And by ready, I mean prepared. With my expectations not only set by precedent, but tempered with this new knowledge.

I feel kinda bad for being negative, but felt compelled to post this.

Hope it turns out for y'all. Pacific Rim forever!

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Just saw the movie, and... the critics aren't wrong. The plot is garbage, the characters make nonsensical decisions throughout, and they're right to call these things out for what they are: bad. More than right, actually, it's their job to do this.

That said, it was kind of an awesome ride. Dumb fun, yeah, but it's dumb fun at its very finest - that is, when you can just laugh off the dumb parts and enjoy everything else. I couldn't care less about how stupid the script was, because it was clearly just trying to make the film as fun as it could be. That is to say, I'm pretty sure whoever audience this is for (definitely not critics lol), will enjoy it. It's not that I didn't have a few gripes with it, because I did, and it's undeniably a flawed movie when looked at objectively, but it knows what it wants to be and it's great at it.

kl;dr I had a good time. Hopefully that's a relief for some.

Edit: also, I guess this is the proper KotM thread now?

Well, I saw it, and I got exactly what I wanted; giant monsters beating, biting, and blasting the daylights out of each other in spectacular fashion. 

And crucially, at least for me, it's clearly crafted with love and respect for the character and the franchise.

It's not high art or masterclass cinema, but that's fine by me. Sometimes I want to just leave my brain at the door and enjoy the ride.