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Immersiveunreality said:
Machiavellian said:

So is that picture suppose to represent Trump high standards for hiring staff.  Lol, you make this to easy.  Its like playing with a child in their early troll stage.  Once challenge they run out of ideals and resort to nonsense.

So you are saying you have no clue about the DK effect.  Just as I thought, all mouth no action.  When tasked to prove your words you come up short, thanks for playing.  Try better to troll next time.

Sorry to interfere but is it that important?It is a bundle of personal treats and it is not a condition but its just a form of denial mostly formed by ego and upbringing.(And you could say that to some degree most people have it)

It is interesting to talk about mental health and personality treats but it might be just more fruitfull to talk about real political topics in here instead of lingering on hypothesises given a name and that is already difficult to argue about with people in the same political field.

I kinda lean to your side of believing that he has a good chance to have those different personal treats although the "effect" name should have no weight at all and i do not agree with making those kind of collectives but thats just me and that is also offtopic. :p

No its not important if Trump exhibit DK effect or not.  Instead, EricHiggins made this sly remark that people who say someone suffers from the effect is ignorant of what it is.  Since he wanted to call me out like that, I expected him to then show me how ignorant I am in saying Trump exhibit the effect.  Since he punted on his answer, well I had to figure he was trolling and had nothing.

As to the effect itself and how it plays to how a person response to situations, it gives a clue to why we currently see the responses, tweets we currently see from Trump.  Understanding why he acts the way he does gives more insight into how he handle the job of President.  It also leads one to not be shocked by a lot of his responses in view of his character trait.