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Some of the responses are pretty hilarious LOL






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Wow. What a name.

I thought segregation has ended? How are black gamers any different than white or hispanic gamers?

It says our Blacks at Xbox community. Reading only the first two words means you lack reading comprehension.

Also Blacks at xbox are a group of black people that work for xbox and thats how they decided to call themselves so this is a non issue.

The group is literally called "Blacks at Xbox". They're not saying "our Blacks", they're saying it as in "our [group name] community"..... because that's literally the group name.


It's the first tweet right under it.....

edit: basically what DeusXmachina said 

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Radek said:
I thought segregation has ended? How are black gamers any different than white or hispanic gamers?

That's how some people want to end racism, with more segregation. Silly logic, I know.


The outrage is kind of a non-issue, the name was picked by black developers at Xbox. 

It does kind of irk me that the supposedly all-inclusive left doesn't see the problem with highlighting a single group above all others though. Xbox has been doing it alot lately, specially honoring their female developers and now their black developers. You will never see them honor white males or Asian males in a similar fashion, mark my words. 

At first I was like "Oh dear...".

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Reading comprehension needs to be better taught at school.