Cadence of Hyrule announced for Switch (Official indie developed Zelda spinoff)

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Always wanted to try Crypt of the Necrodancer. This looks like the definitive version to me. Just like Hyrule Warriors is the best way to play Dynasty Warriors.

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April Fool's is two weeks away, mate. I'm going back to bed and when I wake up this will all have been a--oh. OH.

I must have this.

Looks interesting.

BasilZero said:
B-bu-but I was told that Nintendo’s stingy with their IPs


I think Mario+rabbids put an end to that.

Hope it has a demo. I just don't understand the gameplay.

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Honestly, I have no interest in this, but it gives me hope that LEGO Zelda might happen some day.

That was cool to watch earlier today. I had stayed clear of Necrodancer because my brother didn't want it as a co-op game. But watching that trailer, I was thinking "cool beat" and then when the first Zelda tunes played, I was thinking "that sounds a lot like Zelda" and seconds later it was confirmed. Might be something to get even if my brother isn't interested.

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This game looks more interesting to me than that Link's Awakening Remake. Now I am sad that Nintendo chose to remake a gameboy game over making a new 2D zelda game.

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Crypt of Necrodancer is pretty fun even if it gets old quickly.

Apparently Nintendo's determined that with the success their mix-ups have been (bar poor FE, Star Link not counted here because it was the best of a rough launch), they should do even more.

...I eagerly await the Ice Climbers revival that is sure to follow.

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