What is everyone's Internet speed like? (In relation to Google Stadia being announced...)

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What's your internet speed?

Less than 10mbps 15 11.19%
10-50 mbps 38 28.36%
50-100 mbps 35 26.12%
100-300 mbps 35 26.12%
300-900 mbps 7 5.22%
900+ mbps 4 2.99%

I pay I believe $70 or $80 a month for that.

Good enough speed for 1080p streaming of Google Stadia though most likely not 4K streaming once they make that available, though Comcast's Xfinity has a 1 TB a month data cap, and since it is rumored that Stadia will use 20 GB of data an hour, I'd eat through my whole 1 TB of data in just 50 hours of gaming. Since I also stream Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/Youtube quite heavily each month, I definitely won't be using Stadia unless Comcast ups their cap to like 2 TB before then, and even then I will only use it to play Stadia exclusives on the months they release. 

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Eagle367 said:
I'll tell you when I understand it. It's supposed to be 1000Mbits down 100 up but sometimes I can't properly watch 240p. Thank Canada

What kind of device?

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I have a 16mbps connection, because my isp was unable to get a port free for a 50mbps connection. I'm stuck with this for two years now....:(

Ka-pi96 said:
cycycychris said:

Not very great

Faster than 53% of the US? Well relatively speaking yours is actually pretty decent then. But wow, the US must have some pretty bad internet around, I wonder if some people are still on dial up or something

34 million Americans (roughly 1/10 of the population) don't have access to high speed internet currently (high speed is defined as 25 mbps or higher), mainly due to living in rural areas where the only options are DSL (which is typically capped at 3 mbps) or satellite internet (which isn't great either, due to latency and small data caps). The cable companies aren't willing to run cable to rural areas where the population is less than 200 people per square mile because they can't get enough money through subscriptions to cover the cost of running the cable and the Cell companies aren't willing to put 4G LTE towers out into those areas for the same reason, and since alot of US states have large rural areas (Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, West Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, etc.) there are alot of people that don't have access to fast internet currently.

Microsoft thankfully wants to change that and is investing billions of their own money into telecommunications companies to bring high speed to rural areas via white space signals:


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This is mine..

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Using 4G LTE router with 3TB cap. :(

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vivster said:
Bandwidth means absolute shit for realtime applications. I can already hear the people with their 400mbps LTE modems complain about issues because of the lag spikes. And even your super 1Gbps fiber will not help you if you're using wifi.
The latency for streamed games is not at all comparable to the latency we have with locally played online games. Latency in streamed games affects input delay and as such effectively doubles your latency while playing. Short and smaller spikes will not be noticeable on local games because the game is using prediction, that is not possible when streaming video.

But while this sounds very dire I'm hopeful for its success due to 2 factors. Latency will improve significantly in the decades to come and the vast majority of gamers don't give 2 shits about quality or high fidelity.

Keeping in mind that the Stadia controller will be directly connected to the internet vs. connecting through a console or other device which is then connected to the internet.  So traditional latency issues will be a bit less, though not necessarily low enough for our more twitchy games/players.

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My ISP tells me it's 300mbps. Not sure what it is on a practical level.

121 download and 15 upload here

30 mbps on average. I have a feeling that wouldn't make Stadia work at my home.

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