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Point 1: Like I said last night, I'm really looking forward to small candidate volume debates.

Point 2: Harris was tonight's Castro.  She has moved up in the ranks.  Maybe not top tier but certainly upper middle...maybe lower top tier.

Point 3: Yang fell off.  Not as bad as Beto last night.  Maybe if he had more time to talk or explained his positions better he'd be OK.

Point 4: Biden.  You done goofed, son. Harris sent you to the back of the bus.  You're still upper tier but you're not the leader anymore.  Especially with others rising.

Point 5: Nobody else really had a bad or great showing.  Buttigieg and Sanders solidified their upper tier status.

Point 6: Bennet channeled his inner Corey Booker.  Booker showed moments of passion last night and Bennet showed it tonight talking about citizenship and family separation.

-Wants to expand ACA into hybrid universal healthcare.
-Russia scapegoat.
+Passionate about pathway to citizenship and family separation.
+Called out McConnell and wants to take the Senate.
+Guns policies.
+Latin America relations.
+Climate change.

-Talked Trump when asked about different topic.
-Dodged question about not taxing the rich.
+Universal Pre-K.
+Free community college.
-No interest on frozen student loan debt until $25k salary.
-Wants to expand ACA into hybrid universal healthcare.
+Illegal immigrant health care.
+No deportation unless violent criminal.
-First priority as president is to defeat Trump? WTF?
+Gun policy - bans, buyback and smart guns.
+Repair multilateral relations against terrorism.

+Better Spanish than Beto.
-Doesn't understand Sanders or Warren education debt plan.
+Illegal immigrant health care.
+Pathway to citizenship.
+Wants to know why Christians accept Trump policies.
+Comparison of US/China internal investment.
+Humility - Admitted he failed to fix police issue.
+Police reform.
+Involve middle America on climate change.
+Gun policy.
+Good close.

-Tried to downplay socialism.
+Case lawyers for immigration.
+Trump tax cuts were a gift to donors.
+Iran relations.

+Explained how to pay for services.
+Immediate repeal Trump tax cuts.
+Not a food fight, put food on the table. (Quote of the Night)
+Jobs numbers inflated when people work 2-3 jobs.
+Insurance premiums scare people from accessing services.
+Spoke truth about purpose for Latin America asylum to US.
+No deportation unless violent criminal.
+Slammed Biden for past policies that personally affected her.
+End private detention centers.
+Trump - Greatest national threat.
+Gun reform.
+Middle class tax cuts.

-Thinks socialist polices are bad publicity.
-Won't eliminate private insurance.
+Why not enough police accountability?
-Wants fossil fuels.
-No Green Deal.

+Tax the rich.
+Medicare for all healthcare.
+Education polices.
+Student loan debt.
+Who has the guts to stand up to power.
-Dodged question why Universal Healthcare will work when failed in states.
+Rescind all Trump immigration policy day 1.
+Address Latin America - Why so much asylum.
-Dodging diversity question.
+Supreme court judges.
+Against Iraq war.
+Fight the power closing statement.

+Use tech to create jobs, not reduce jobs.
+Wipe teacher student debt.
+Attacked Biden on past quote about age (pass the torch to the youth).
+Youth is the answer.
+No deportation unless violent criminal.
+Gun buy back program.

-Weird talk in opening statements.
+Said we have state sponsored child abuse.
+Racial injustice root of police issues.

-Basic Income plus VAT?
-Russia talk.
+China relations.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

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My overall rankings for the two debates.

1. Castro

2. Harris

3. DeBlasio

4. Bennet

5. Inslee

7. Buttigieg

8. Delaney

9. Warren

10. Sanders

11. Booker

12. Biden

13. Swalwell

14. Hickenlooper

15. klobuchar

16. Gabbard

17. Yang

18. Beto

19. Ryan

20. Williamson

Last four hours on google trends. Crazy won.

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jason1637 said:

Last four hours on google trends. Crazy won.

She got the most searches because she was the least known.  And because she said some weird stuff.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

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Jumpin said:

So far:
1. Kamala Harris (and it's not even close)
2. Bernie, Gillibrand, and Buttgieg are also strong.

This group is REALLY long-winded compared to yesterday.

I think Kamala Harris just shit the bed on Climate Plans, this was worse than Warren's weakest bit on guns.

Current rankings of the good potential nominees (just a coincidence that it's 10):

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Kamala Harris
3. Julian Castro
4. Bill De Blasio
5. Buttigieg
6. Cory Booker
7. Bernie Sanders
8. Kirsten Gillibrand
9. Jay Inslee
10. Joe Biden

Gonna flip Buttigieg and Booker. After watching clips, I found Buttigieg came off too rehearsed. Watching Booker, he came off WAY more authentic. I also reconsidered Biden, he never recovered after Kamala Harris savaged him. Swalwell had some good points, so I'll push him into 10. I also think Julian Castro is closer to Harris than Harris is to Warren. I forgot how strong he was night 1. He and De Blasio both savaged Beto as hard as Harris did to Biden.

Biden and Beto were the biggest losers in the debate. Biggest winners were Warren, Harris, and Castro. De Blasio, Booker, and Buttigieg established themselves as players. Bernie didn't die, he did alright, but needs to pick up his game, I think he slides to 4th in the polls behind Harris if he doesn't do anything major in the next couple of weeks.

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Kamala Harris
3. Julian Castro
4. Bill De Blasio
5. Cory Booker
6. Pete Buttigieg
7. Bernie Sanders
8. Kirsten Gillibrand
9. Jay Inslee
10. Eric Swalwell

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What's with the Gillibrand love? She came off as way too annoying. She constantly kept screwing over people. There are ways to interject yourself like DeBlasio and Castro did but Gillibrand failed at doing it right.

Mnementh said:

First results for the effects of the first debate are in, and are mind-boggling.


Well, Castro and Warren did well, and Beto O'Rourke bad, other than that it is not so clear. For complete unknown reason this desaster for Tim Ryan actually helped him.

About Tim Ryan, I think it's mostly due to most people not knowing him at all, and now starting to form an opinion.

jason1637 said:
Poliwrathlord said:
Well RIP Yang. He was too pure and polite for this debate. I can't see a way back from this debate for him.

Also didn't even know who Swalwell and the lady next to Hickenlooper were. They should both drop out soon.

Yang just needs to be more aggressive during the second and third debate.

If he is not aggressive in the second debate, there will be no third debate for him.

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According to Yang he was unable to interject himself because hisI've had issues. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/andrew-yang-accuses-nbc-of-turning-off-his-mic-during-debate