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Predict Days Gone's OpenCritic Score

95+ 32 2.45%
91-94 79 6.05%
87-90 230 17.61%
83-86 470 35.99%
79-82 269 20.60%
75-78 98 7.50%
71-74 39 2.99%
67-70 22 1.68%
63-66 10 0.77%
62 or Under 57 4.36%
zkp said:
It should easy score between 80-84% come on, every copy paste Ubi game scoring over 80%

This. I voted 79-82 but I’m expecting it to fall in that 81-82 range. 

Previews were pretty divided. I plan on buying it so I hope it’s good.

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i will go with 88, think this game will many surprise

I'm going with 79. I don't have much behind that though. It just seems like a mediocre game, but I'm figuring any serious suckiness was handled in the delay. So, 79 seems like a reasonable guess.

Mr.Joker said:
i'll hang anyone say 95+

Try me.😜


I believe this developer has mainly done PSP and Vita games, so this is their first big foray into the big budget games so I'd be shocked if there isn't some growing pains.

Also I do think that being yet another zombie game will be counted against them, or it will be said they 'didn't do anything new'.

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Voted 75-78.
I think some of the more "sim" type mechanics (like having to take care of every part of your bike), is going to be divisive.

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I am gonna say 86.

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Expecting at least 84. One solid 84 game.

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I think high 80's.
I think sony are on a roll, critics are going to be a bit more lenient i believe. While the game might not be ground braking, they will do enough things right and critics wont hold "its another zombie game" against them. Aside from the bike fixing, something tells me that they are going to add something to change things up bit. And one thing we know will be great is the story, wich to be frank most other zombie games story suck, sometimes they dont even have a story, just drop on a open word and survive. I thinks thats why they feel so copy paste. Days gone will stand out.

I dont think any critic should hold games accountable for being in a crowded market, if thats the case first person shooters should not score above 70. specially not call of duty.

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