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Do you have a favorite genre or are you more into exclusives?

Exclusives 14 41.18%
I have one 10 29.41%
Exclusive/Portability FTW 10 29.41%

I own a PS4 and Xbox One X, and this is the concern I have with the Switch.

Arguably I don't have sufficient time for my current consoles, so it occurs to me a console that can go mobile would work well for me.

I feel like I'd buy the console, absolutely adore Zelda, Pokemon and Mario and then never touch is again (well, until the next Zelda, Pokemon and Mario). That said, I can't miss out entirely on Zelda and Pokemon, so I suspect after a price drop I will cave and buy a Switch.

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Pretty much the same with me. I grab an exclusive game for it every 4 or 5 months play it for 3 or 4 days and then dont go back to it until the next game comes out. I play retro PC games more than I play my Switch. Was just playing Red Alert 1 a couple days ago :)

2-3 hours a week. I just don't have much more time playing on it lately. Especially not than I tend to play grand strategy games on my PC (Hearts of Iron for instance) or other endless games (like Banished) that soak out a huge chunk of my free time.

same.i hardly touch the switch because i never take it with me to work, shopping or when i hang out with friends. i use the ps4 everyday because of voice chat, AAA 3rd party games, mmos games, i play alot of ff14, tera and occasionally elder scrolls online, fighting games. and i wouldnt play fighting games on the switch because of lack of d pad and of course voice chat

I almost exclusively game on Switch. When I don't, it is the odd 3DS game that I have in my backlog, or when I have people over and we play some older Ninty consoles.
I don't know how people have the time to game on more than 1 system at a time. I would definitely try out PS4 if I had the time, but there are just too many games on Switch that I want to try out.


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I have every single switch exclusive and I probably play it for like 30 minutes a week. I like the system, it's great. Just prefer to play the ps4 and use the switch when my gf wants me to go to bed early :P

dx11332sega said:

I haven't played my Nintendo Switch much 


Good for you 

I haven't played mine much but that's just because I've been playing my PS4 a lot. Haven't touched my xbox much either.

I rarely play my Switch as well, as i rarely ever have time to play on the go, so i pretty much only play it hooked to my tv, and i only play exclusives. My PS4 is also my main console.

Sounds like the op doesn't really like many Nintendo ip's so it's hardly a revelation that they don't use it much.