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My first time playing it was on the 3DS a few years ago. I didn't really want it when it originally came out. It just seemed so outdated.

I was a fool! The game was fantastic!! Enjoy. You're in for a great experience.

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I tried several years ago I got stuck half way through and never gotten back to it. The remake will be my chance to give it another go.
Also the gbc visuals turn me kinda off.

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I've played Link's Awakening on my 3DS several years ago. I'm glad I did that because that game was good. Looking forward to the remake. :D

Peh said:
I tried several years ago I got stuck half way through and never gotten back to it. The remake will be my chance to give it another go.
Also the gbc visuals turn me kinda off.

Funny how things are, I absolutely love it.

Both good 8-bit graphics and music, I just love them.

I finished up the last couple hours or so of Link's Awakening when the remake was announced. Overall, I would probably suggest waiting. A quality of life update would have a huge impact on the playability of the game. As is, it is incredibly clunky because it is designed around two buttons so you constantly have to be rooting around in your menu changing what you have equipped. Beyond that, I think a lot of it tends to be fairly obtuse so I hope they update the game to make it a little more intuitive and modernize the dungeon design a bit. I'd like to see it get more of a RE2 remake than a simple graphical update because it hasn't really aged elegantly imo.

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Is this game challenging? Can you actually see a  game over screen in this game?
I don't care about the difficulty in puzzles because there is no replay value in puzzles.

I didn't even know Link's Awakening was available for the 3DS. It's been ages since I played the game, but I did originally beat it on my GBC. I don't recall if only the color dungeon was in color, but I'd be open to replaying the game. Except backlog...

I never played the original so will wait for the remake.

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I already just did this. Started in late February I think, and finished about a week ago. 

It was a fun romp through. I played it as a kid a long, long time ago and never finished it. I think I got stuck because I didn’t know about the trading quest (most of which is mandatory to progress). Don’t think I knew about the phone guy hints who kinda points you in the right direction, or maybe I was just too young to understand them clearly. 

But I finally beat the game, and it was pretty dang good. I enjoyed the story, quite a step up from the story of A Link To The Past. That’s the main thing it does better, and puzzles a bit. One of my favorite handheld Zelda games now. 

I do kinda wish there was a story choice of choosing to not wake the wind fish and staying with Marin. This game would be perfect for an alternate ending lol But I do think the ending we got is kinda what Link needed to do..but it’d be understandable for him not to go through with it, too. 

I just revisited it last year, so I will just wait for the remake to play again.

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