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curl-6 said:

I'm not so convinced of Mario Party or NSMB, but yeah Let's Go definitely gave a push. I guess I just feel like Smash was the single biggest factor, particularly in terms of giving a long-lasting lift to the baseline. I mean it's one thing to spike sales briefly, but to raise a system's baseline in the long term requires a true megaton like Ultimate.


Let's Go leg is atrocious in comparison to NSMBUD and SMP leg


zorg1000 said:
curl-6 said:

I agree an overall library is generally what contributes to a decision to buy, I just don't think games like Party or NSMB would be among the foremost games within that library to be taken into consideration, those seem to be more Smash/BOTW/Let's Go/Odyssey/etc.

Idk have you seen those games sales?

Mario Party was already over 5 million at the end of 2018 and has been charting pretty high on NPD, Media Create & EMEAA charts in 2019.

Same with NSMB, its charting extremely high everywhere and has to have sold a few million already and has only been out for just over a month.

I'm not talking about software sales though, I'm talking about shifting hardware. A game can sell millions to a platform's existing audience but not bring in a significant amount of new customers.

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Mar1217 said:
To be honest, is there a safe way to entrust the numbers we see for Europe ? I mean we see the PS4 being down everywhere else worldwide but it seems like Europe keeps being an unbreakable fort that ain't gonna flinch anytime soon. I would expect it to go alongside the general downward trend ...

Probably gonna have to wait for the next official numbers to see. We know US from NPD and Japan from Media Create and Famitsu, but we rarely get hardware numbers out of Europe. However, since we know the other 2 big ones, if the totals don't line up with Sony's total sales, then the culprit is generally Europe and gets adjusted accordingly.

I also expect the PS4 to be too high (and considering the NPD prediction tool, I think it's too high in the US, too), but we'll have to wait for official numbers for confirmation.

Hiku said:
DonFerrari said: 

Sony do more than twice that on subs and SW so quite certain the 40 to 90 difference is very relevant.

Yes, but I mean you can still do good, even if it's not as good as someone else.

That is certainly true. MS doesn't give us clear numbers so we can't really know if Xbox itself is doing good (considering XBL, Gamerpass, royalties and all). But yes I consider they are doing perfectly fine, but very far from where they wanted to be.

zorg1000 said:
DonFerrari said: 

So far we have USA and Japan corrected by NPD and MediaCreate, total is in line with Sony disclosures so the rest of numbers are either europe or ROW. So if you think Europe is to high and holding PS4 up, it would change to RoW doing it.

Not necessarily, what you are saying is true for sales through 2018 but doesnt really apply to 2019 sales.

Sure corrections to the past doesn't mean corrected future. But they had PS4 drop YOY 26%, so they are accommodating for it, sure it can have dropped even more and Europe+RotW being wrong. But we will only know when Sony releases the next forecast and or sold through milestone.

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Do you guys know when those numbers will be available on the weekly chart index? At the moment 29th of Dec is the last date there.