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haxxiy said:
Nope, not feeling it.

Framerate looks horrendous. But visuals are understandable given this is GF's first main game console attempt.

About the framerate, I'm sure that will be fixed until the launch (I hope so :p)


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Shikamo said:

 and the model of the map looks very strange (I think the map is not complete, maybe something secret will be revealed).

Kalos initially looked rather strange as well. I think that's just because of the way they designed it.

ArtX said:
I'm just wondering if Switch will pass in sales the PS4 and also PS2!

probably will pass both combined

The game looks cool but random encounters coming back is a huge turnoff for me.

Shikamo said:

In my opinion the design of the map looks superb, the starters looks very generic (including the fire sanic), and the model of the map looks very strange (I think the map is not complete, maybe something secret will be revealed). I also think the random appearance of pokemons were reimplanted because of the number of pokemons, and of course, because of hardcore fans. And finally, I'm sure there will be something new that has not been revealed yet, which should be revealed at E3.

If the mysterious map in Pokemon Let's Go is supposed to hint at the Galar region then they've still to perhaps reveal an island off to the side to represent Northern Ireland (maybe post game island à la Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?). That's just a theory though.

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Xxain said:
its pitiful that Level 5 is closer to delivering the Pokemon game that we have been waiting for than the actual Pokemon game.

I don't know who 'we' is, but Sword & Shield definitely look a lot more like I wanted and expected a new Pokémon game to be than Yokai 4 does (both gameplay and graphics-wise).

More generic pokemon games, thought they would put in more effort.

Runa216 said:
Xxain said:
I will always cherish the many memories that Pokemon brought to me growing up, but as of this entry I am officially done with Pokemon. They did it again! They took steps forward in the previous entry, then doubled back on the next . This should have been a brand new style of Pokemon built for a console and we get exactly what I thought they were gonna give us; a soup up handheld game and it is lookin mighty dated.

Cry Moar. 

Literally every new Pokemon generation has people WHINING about it and claiming it's their last and yet they continue to sell remarkably well. Quit acting like an entitled toddler; this is clearly what people want. 

No this is what everybody wants:


I don't know what sales have to do what is essentially another Pokemon that moves away from advancements made by previous entries. I don't care that Pokemon is gonna sell a shit ton. In a time frame where the rest of Nintendo's game are adapting to new hardware and new trends, Pokemon is stuck in a age that it should have abandoned several entries ago. Were still getting silly 8 bit animations for Pokemon attacking? Why just not have them attack now? The fixed camera angle.. why? its a 3D game! Random battles are back? why? Its like they're using "How to create a Pokemon  game edition 1" from 15+ years ago...throw that shit in the trash and move on. This should have been the redefining Pokemon game, but its a resting on your laurels Pokemon game.

Looks pretty and the region looks fun. Reminds me of England or most parts of Europe.

The starters look...undesirable to me. However Scorbunny looks the best especially since its a fire bunny. However, the thing over his nose is distracting.

I was hoping the one mechanic they take from Lets Go was the Pokemon wandering around grass instead of the random encounters.

So far it looks so samey but we'll see.

Not too exciting but i'll probably give them my money again. Hopefully I can at least beat it this time.

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