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pokoko said:

I really hope it's at least a remaster for Fallout 3.  It needs it more than New Vegas.

StriderKiwi said:
Fallout 3 remaster most likely. If it plays more like 4 and 76, that's a pass for me. Both disappointed. Now if it's just a graphical and performance touch up...

If it plays more like Fallout 4 then I'll buy it without a shred of doubt.  Mechanically, Fallout 4 is a far, far better game than Fallout 3 or New Vegas, with way better combat and a much improved interface.  I recently tried to replay Fallout 3 and just couldn't do it, it's too dated in too many ways, from the graphics to the enemy AI.  I did replay NV and lost my nostalgia goggles a bit, as it didn't hold up quite as well as I'd imagined. 

It would also be awesome if they added in more content, as both F3 and NV suffer in comparison to F4 in terms of things to do.  So much empty space in those games, whereas the spacing in Fallout 4 is the best I've ever seen for an open world game.  

Some type of settlement system, even if it's only limited to a few locations, would be wonderful.  I just hope that mod porting is easy.

Eh. To each their own. Haven't played 3 in forever, but I've played plenty of 4 and a little of 76. I'm just tired of that same gameplay. the hours I put into 76 was the breaking point. Whatever Fallout they do next should be a noticeable improvement over 4's.

4 did have more content, but that was also an issue imo. I enjoyed nearly every single side quest in 3, yet I can barely remember anything meaningful I did in 4. Plus 3 and NV did have dlc which I would assume would be in a potential remaster.

But I'm also of the opinion where I'd prefer 30 to 50 hours of content that is fine tuned versus 100 - 300 hours of ok content. So I'm not the usual open-world gamer.

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konnichiwa said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

No, it couldn't. 

Bethesda would never release a collection including 1 and 2 to the general consumer, especially on console. 

Anyone who played Fallout 76 got Fallout 1/2 for pc for free.

For free as compensation, and on PC as well. 

Doesn't really change what I said tbh. 

Fallout 76 GOTY Edition, calling it now.

If it's a remaster, I hope its 3 & New Vegas.

Really doubt they're looking to drop a new Fallout game after 76 being so recent and bad.


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I have been deeply disappointed by the last two Fallout titles, but a Fallout 3 sounds ... Interesting

given the last few game announcements we've gotten it'll probably be a fallout mobile game.... although we already had fallout shelter lol.

My guess would be on fallout 3 remastered, but as others said that lack of Switch on the list of platforms would make me question why not? given that fallout 3 ran just fine on the X360 it would be perfect on Switch.

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pokoko said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
give the franchise a break,good lord bethesda. Please no more :(

If you don't want to play it then simply don't buy it.  Problem solved, simple as that.  There won't be another mainline Fallout game for many years to come so I don't see why it would be a problem to begin with.  It's not like this is Mario or CoD we're talking about.

I'm voicing my opinion regardless and no I won't be buying it either way, but still gonna have my say on the matter as I've played the previous games. 

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They were bound to do this when F76 crashed and burned, can't see I'm very excited about it unless it's New Vegas upgrade and Obsidian are doing it, which they're clearly not.

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