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Simple question. How did you get here? What made you visit this site for the fist time and what made you come back?




I first got here around 2013. I was wondering what the best selling videogames were, and Wikipedia used the GameDB as its main source. I started visiting the site occassionally to check out the newest weekly charts and the articles (and the Zergnet ads too ). I only started paying attention to the forums years later.

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A friend introduced me to this site.

...we're not friends anymore and he doesn't use this site anymore.

I discovered it because of one of the other game traders on GameTZ, talking about this site.

When it launched I searched wii sales and there it was lol. Sadly my old account i couldn't recover after a site upgrade so created Cobretti2 lol.



I think I found it after searching up video game sales randomly on google, either that or for a game in specific idk

I originally made an account on here in 2013 and went through the whole sign up process but when I finished it my account was never created for some reason, and I was too lazy to repeat it at the time so I just lurked again until 2015 and gave it another try

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Someone told me that the PS3 was a failure and I should buy an X360 instead, I didn't take that advice and got anxious about it dying like the dreamcast so I'm pretty sure I found it through a search of whether or not the PS3 was selling. I remember exactly the day though in 2007 after I bought my PS3.


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Gamefaqs forums actually

edit: I was looking for Wii-sales. This was in December 2006

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Wikipedia too.

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I think I was curious about Wii sales, and if it was beating PS3, so I googled it and ended up here.

I worked at Best Buy in their Media department and I was trying to research the best selling games so I could recommend popular games. I looked up best selling games on Wii and it brought me here.