Have You already Made Your Decision on What Next-Gen System(s) You'll Buy?

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Gaming PC - Always. I continuously upgrade as needed. Currently high end.

Nintendo: I own a switch and will own whatever its successor is. Very helpful now that I'm a dad and can't monopolize the TV.

Sony: I will very likely buy the PS5. They have a proven track record with first party titles and exclusives. Full backwards compatibility would greatly increase the chances I will purchase.

Microsoft: It's possible I might buy the next XBOX. Still weary on their first party lineup, especially since much of it will make its way to PC. Full backwards compatibility would greatly increase the chances I will purchase. Being the more powerful system of the two would also increase chances I would buy.

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PS5 no matter what.
Switch 2 or whatever because of the exclusives.
And with Xbox putting everything on PC - I'll never get another Xbox console.

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It’s always been “Nintendo plus...” for me. Because Nintendo has Zelda. That plus depends on which other system has the best games.

This has changed a couple times throughout the generations. It has been PlayStation in the 5th, 7th and 8th gen, and it’s extremely likely that it will again be PlayStation in the 9th gen because I don’t think it’s plausible that Microsoft will all of a sudden have a whole bunch of exclusives beter than PlayStation. One might say get both (or; all, if there’s going to be more), but at some point the libraries are so similar there is no point in getting both, and I could live without the one or two good exclusives the other has.

PS5 and Xbox two, I shall own both.

I have been a multiplat gamer for some time, so I will buy all 3 eventually. If you consider Switch next-gen, I will be getting it first most likely, later this year. What I have not yet decided on yet is which I will buy first between PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, that is up the their reveal events and such; price, specs, and launch window games will all be deciding factors. I also haven't yet decided if I will buy the rumored Google console, there are alot of unknowns there, we know they are working on it, and we know they've been looking to buy and build developers to form a 1st party, but we know nothing about specs, price, or which developers they are buying. They have a gaming event scheduled for GDC next month where it is rumored that they might announce their next gen console plans, so we shall see how I feel after watching that.

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I'll be buying a PS5 but not at launch.

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I don’t see a scenario where I would buy an Xbox before PS5. Sony continues to create my favorite games. I bought an XBO, and after 2.5y, I’ve played a single game on it to completion: Cuphead (brilliant game, but not worth $250). MS is gonna have to step it up massively to get me to trust them with a purchase again.

Next Xbox and a upgraded pc

I'll eventually get all three, but as to the order I'll buy them in...

Unless MS makes another huge screw up or the PS5 completely outclasses it, then I will start off with the Xbox 4. Everybody I play online with is on Xbox Live, and I prefer Xbox controllers.

I'll get a PS5 once it gets a big price cut. I like Sony's exclusives, even if I don't particularly care for their hardware writ large.

By necessity, I'll end up getting the Switch's successor last. It probably won't be out until two or three years after the PS5 & Xbox 4 are released, and I'll probably have both of those by that point.

I've never been as disappointed with a consoles first party output as the X-One, and I'm a pretty big Sony fan, so.....

Still, if Microsoft kills it at the unveiling or PS5 goes 600 dollars or any other number of unknowns, I could always switch. I've also owned every console for the last 2 or 3 gens, so its possible I buy everything again, but I think there's a good chance I go without the Microsoft offering this time.

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