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Whatever looks best for VR. Probably ps5 as Sony has experience already. Plus my most played game is GT Sport, 3 hours a day on average. Kinda makes the choice easy!

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Ive only ever had Playstation & Nintendo Consoles...

Jrpgs seem to be almost exclusive to those two platforms so.... no plans to change in the future.
Tbh apart from that, the 1st party output from xbox just doesnt appeal to me at all either.
I vastly prefer single player games, and so much of xbox games are multiplayer/shooters/GaaS.... its just not for me.

I have no idea what xbox would need to do to convince me to switch.
At the least they would need to match & excede the amount of jrpgs & rpgs, single player games that Playstation offers.
Halo,gears,forza isnt going to make me switch platforms.

I'm kind of torn on Microsoft's direction - in terms of their online service. On one hand I think it's amazing value and I believe they intend on releasing all future 1st party published games onto both PC & XB game pass.

On the other hand, if what some spectators are saying is true - that their strategy will be to release mostly mid-budget, solid, but not excellent games then that sounds bad.

I'm hoping they'll do a Netflix and support the catalogue with notable, excellent marquee games. If they do this (and that's a big 'if') then I can see them eroding Sony's lead whilst also generating revenue from both console & PC.

Who knows, that could then force Sony's hand to take a less device-centric approach and make their titles available on PC - ideally also at a great subscription-based price-point - at which point all I'll need is a PC & a Switch ;)

Lafiel said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
PS5/Switch combo for me, with my PC as a supplementary system. The only thing that could sway me from this would be if Sony went digital-only with the PS5. If that happened I'd just drop Playstation like a rock and become PC/Switch only.

but.. PC already is effectively digital only? well, atleast it's pretty clear that you'll be able to play your PC library for decades to come, which isn't so clear with console

B.I.N.G.O.! And digital prices of console games are a joke compared to PC. 

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Yea, pretty much.

A new Nintendo System isn't due for a quite some time. I have a gaming PC so an Xbox is redundant. PS5 is a no-brainer for me.

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Well unless something drastic happens I will get the PS5.

Xbox i'll also get if they don't screw up the launch like they did this gen. It turned me of the console and since then I never bothered to look to get one.



I'll be buying ps5 and keeping an eye on Xbox and how their new ventures turn out. If Nintendo give me external saves I'll buy the switch before all else.


PS5 - Whatever the most Premium offering is. Used for SIEWWS games, and 3rd parties that are not available on Windows Store.

PSVR2 - If it happens I will get whatever the most Premium Version available is.

PC - Continued Upgrades. Will be used for Xbox Games and 3rd Party Titles that are available through Windows Store. Will also be used for all other Media and Computing tasks.

Windows Mixed Reality or HTC Vive - Not sure yet, what I am going to get, but right now, I am leaning towards WMR. Want to see if Microsoft is going to bring WMR support to Forza and Halo, as they are my two most anticipated VR experiences for Windows/Xbox.

Switch - Whatever the most Premium offering is, and a Portable Version if available as well. Used for 1st Party Nintendo titles, and titles supporting XBL.

Xperia - Hopefully the XZ2 will last until we get a Gaming Phone from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. Until then it will only be used for games supporting XBL, and xCloud/PS Now if both services become available.

That is what my current/Future Hardware Line-Up looks like. Now that Microsoft is delivering the experience I want from Xbox through the Windows Store, I don't have any need for an Xbox going forward, but it is great news for Microsoft, because Windows Store is now my first choice now for Games and Entertainment.

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PS5 on DAY ONE. No further words.

I'm also considering XBox Anaconda! My last MS console was 360,I liked it a lot, and I wanna see what MS will prepare for us with Next Gen. I'm very curious.

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I never like to miss anything. So as always, I will get every major console available.

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