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Shame. At the E3 reveal, they HAD my money. Day one buy. Fast forward to today and I couldn't even be bothered to play the demo.

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Apex mobbed the floor with this omg.

Bad timing.

So the early impressions were on point.

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What a surprise...

Kotor 3... Nevermind. Redo the Kotor experience in a new game, supported by the Star Wars Canon team. Early has star Wars, right? So Bioware should have the ability to make any kind of star Wars game. I get why 3 doesn't make sense, as the first two games are now legends instead of Canon. Why not do what the novels are doing? Timothy Zahn's Thrawn was reintroduced in a Canon way both in the show and new books he has written. The same could be done for KoTor.

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Game is disappointing, i'm absolutely shocked(not really). How is the "here is an empty Shell of a game for$60 now pay more money for more content" games as service model suprising at this point

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vivster said:
So the early impressions were on point.

Pretty much. I'm kinda happy that poor craftsmanship and copycatting competition doesn't pay off, but I'm more sad about Bioware letting themselves be sucked into the drain since EA got their cold, grubby hands on them. Goddammit.

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This game may have fared better if it was a dedicated single player title like Bioware are more know for instead it's going to be seen as the second mishap in a row following the ME:A debacle and often this type of run ends up in a studio's demise at EA, they best get Dragon Age right.

My hate of EA far outstrips any affinity I had left for Bioware, so these tepid early scores make me pretty fuckin' happy.


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At some point we've got to look past EA. Bioware has been with them for a long time now, couldnt it just be that Bioware has lost it's touch?

Will EA let them take another fail though? that's the big question...