Dead by Daylight Switch Port how do you feel about it?

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Is this a good port?

Yes 3 30.00%
No 7 70.00%

The game has kind of meh graphics even on PS4 and XB1 so I knew it was going to look bad on Switch, and I was right. It's not as ugly as Ark, but it might just be the 2nd ugliest game on Switch.

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looks like hot dump that was steamrolled in mid summer.

propably nintendo forces them to actually show true switch ingame gameplay. otherweise everyone would show just some kind of render trailer.

This seems like one of those types of games that could easily run/look better on the Switch but just comes out looking worse than it needs to be for some reason, just like Ark, and thus will be what people specifically turn to when trying to discuss what the switch can handle despite knowing that these are the worst examples

Especially when later in the same direct we get to see Hellblade which is significantly better of a game graphically and it doesn't look awful on the Switch at all from the little we saw of it

i'm gonna hold judgement until the final release because it seems like it might be like Cities skylines where in that direct it looked low framerate and not that good but then when it released people were actually saying it was fine and maybe it could be significantly improved from now until release, but basing just off what they showed yeah it does not look like a good port