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Rate Nintendo Direct 02/13/2019 out of 10

10 22 12.02%
9 57 31.15%
8 43 23.50%
7 24 13.11%
6 14 7.65%
5 7 3.83%
4 4 2.19%
3 3 1.64%
2 5 2.73%
1 4 2.19%
Mbolibombo said:
Pretty slick direct, some heavy hitters

Astral Chain (holy shit)
Super Mario Maker 2
Links Awakening
DQ XI S Definitive Edition

Are all day 1 purchases for me, we knew about DQ but it having the orchestrated soundtrack and the 2D view is a massive + for me.
4 Day 1 games in a direct is not something commong. A strong 9/10

Dragon Quest 11 S also has brand new stories, although we don't really know to what extent that means, but it's still a massive update for the game. It's kind of funny to think that the Switch, with it's very expensive game cartridges, is getting the most content rich version. 

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Box Boy + Box Girl is April release too, so April looks fine. IMO Nintendo should have some published game in May, even some Wii/WiiU port (Pikmin 3 or Metroid Prime Trilogy HD) would do good job.

I qualified that one as an Indie titles, hence why I didn't add it into the list. But yeah, April has a full set of games, just May is a bit empty - but the time in between Goldenweek and E3 is always comparatively bare imo.

I think Box Boy is Nintendo published game, also it seems that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 Update will be in April also (Joker will be launched before end of April), rumored Labo Kit 5 could be easily be April or May release and Starlink update is also April. Last year in May we had DKTF and Hyrule Warriors, so yeah, May look a bit empty, for now.

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I enjoyed it, 8 / 10 for me.
+ Mario Maker 2 looks really good.
+ Link's Awakening remake has a strange art style but whatever, great game.
+ Astral Chain is way more interesting than Bayonetta to me.
+/- Fire Emblem... I'm not sure about that one yet. I want epic war stories, not Hogwarts teaching and everyone hugging each other.
- No Metroid Prime Trilogy
- Weak release schedule before June

Overall, it was a good presentation. Nintendo's release schedule for the year could look something like this:

March - Yoshi
April - (Box Boy)
May -
June - Mario Maker
July - Fire Emblem
August - Astral Chain
September - Link’s Awakening (*)
October - Luigi’s Mansion (*)
November - Pokémon (*)
December - Animal Crossing (*)

*Just guessing here.

First half of the year is rather weak. But the second half (starting June, actually) is great.

Tetris BattleRoyale 11/10

8 / 10 to me

Despite not a single Animal Crossing / Bayo 3 / Luigi´s Mansion 3 / Pokemon gameplay footage, they announced a ton of very promising games.
Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem Three Houses seems neat.
Loved the cyberpunk aesthetics of Astral Chain.
That new Square RPG seems good too.
Never played any Rune Factory game, but this is an ongoing series and fans will be pleased to know that a fifth game is coming.
Loved ByeBye BoxBoy! on the 3ds and I was glad to know that a new game in the series is coming to the Switch
Deltarune? What was that? Weird.

Finally Dragon Quest XI... and Dragon Quest Builders 2? DQ fans will sure be pleased!

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Hmm, I'd say 4/10 personally...

Never played Link's awakening so that could be cool & Mario Maker could also be fun, but there wasn't much I feel truly excited for... I want F-Zero / Pikmin / Metroid (2D, 3D, remakes - anything!!!).

2018 left me a little cold as well - it's as if my & Nintendo's taste of their IP's are diametrically opposed...

I do love BOTW, Mario Odyssey & MK but those all feel a long time ago now... Blech.

I'll give it an 8.

I liked the pacing.
Mixing smaller news withbig news was a good choice.

Highlights for me:
2D Zelda
Astral Chain

Overall, the show was quite good, although at first it was kinda boring, at least to me.
A 2D Zelda sounds great, but that artstyle…

Unfortunately, none of the games announced were mind blowing to give it a 9 or a 10.

9. It was full of nice addition and surprises. And it still has a feeling that this year as yet to unravel. Nintendo is still keeping a big secret for E3. But until then we are sorted. So k


For me 5/10

Not interested in the ports from other consoles.

2-3 titles I'm interested in.

9/10 astral chain got me

team cherry announced hollow knight sequel today
should have been in the direct imo