Nintendo Direct announced, 2.13.2019.

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Commence the countdown!

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S.Peelman said:
Miyamotoo says:

Talking about rumored 2D Zelda, its hinted its done buy Tri Force Heroes team and that will be focused on multiplayer.

Please be fake please be fake please be fake...

Ditto. Yes I can ignore a game and not get it, and I WOULD if it were a multiplayer focused Zelda, but damn I hate multiplayer focused Zelda's.

Why can't these stupid four swords and crap Zeldas dissapear like so many other Nintendo IP's that we actually want.

Been EXTREMELY dry the past couple of months for Nintendo. With Nintendo Online being horrible they really need a win. Backed in a corner. Let's see what they do.

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I feel like that is the 100x time repeating this. No, hey pikmin and pikmin 4 are not the same game. Hey pikmin was developed by Arzest wich is a 3rd developer. The pikmin team with Shigeru Miayamoto are working on a core brand new pikmin game. I cant wait for the official announcement so this debate end once for all.


Less than 2 hours now



We reap what we sow

Moderately excited.

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Let's hope we get a good glimpse at 2019, at least the first half.

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1 hour left!!!


10minutes left!

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So which thread are we using then?