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Will you be getting Anthem?

Yes 6 6.90%
Maybe 14 16.09%
No 63 72.41%
What's Anthem? 4 4.60%

After the 'demo', a no from me. There wasn't anything in the game that didn't make me want to keep invested. With other Bioware games, character creation and interactive worlds were a bit plus and this looks like it's not going to have that. Plus spending 2 hours on the 'Stronghold' pummelling bullets into sponges only for it to kick me out after me and my teammate died on the final boss (which had as silly amount of HP) so we didn't get any of the loot from first 2 parts really was a kick in the nuts. I don't play games to spend 2 hour struggling to get 2 or 3 mediocre items, I play them to have fun and that Stronghold wasn't fun.

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I enjoyed the demo, but my issue with the game was everything felt cluttered and complex. It is something I can get used to I suppose, but at the time it was a bit of putting.

Secondly, the story felt absent and moving around in the hub world felt like you were walkin under water.

Ill probably get it at some stage when it drops in price, but I'm in no hurry to get it.

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No. I didn't see anything in it that actually intrigued me.
It certainy looks gorgeous, but so do all frostbyte games. There's just nothing there, gameplaywise or in the worldbuilding, that piques my interest.

It also doesn't really seem to have a story, wich is a shame for a game coming from Bioware. And the worst thing is that EA is going to blame them for Anthems failures instead of their own mismanagement of their studios and we're probably never getting another Dragon Age, a game people actually want. *sigh*

Maybe. I kept changing my mind about it and was actually blown away during the reveal... I'll wait for some reviews... May get it during the launch period, may wait for the price to go down depending on said reviews.