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Will you be getting Anthem?

Yes 6 6.90%
Maybe 14 16.09%
No 63 72.41%
What's Anthem? 4 4.60%

Not at launch. I may check it out in a few months, depending on how it turns out.

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No way in hell I am buying a game with the priorities EA has, and tries to impose in their games.

Not a chance. I kind of like Bioware too. I think Mass Effect is great (haven't played Andromeda), I don't like Dragon Age but I do think the rest of their older stuff is great as well. So it's a shame to see what's become of them.

No interest whatsoever in Anthem. Just seems bland, dull and boring. I'm sure somebody will be a dick and say "oooh you haven't even played it so you can't say that!" but if a game looks and sounds so bland and boring that I can't even be bothered to download a free demo of it then it's absolutely failed to attract my interest. That's the game's failing, not mine. I'm not going to play a game that looks boring and Bioware/EA haven't done a single thing to make it seem even the slightest bit appealing to me. The only real draw factor I see is the names on the box and let's be honest the Bioware name isn't worth all that much anymore and the EA name.... well.... being associated with EA certainly isn't going to sell me the game.

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Too many game releases too little time. Anthem doesn't look like anything worth sinking time into for me.

Mar1217 said:

As for the reason, I'll go a bit further than just my usual distaste towards EA. I'll be frank, since the announcement, this game looked like the project that meticulously made to cater to all possible trends from recent years in the industry ( Basically a big open-world coupled with shooter based "RPG"-ish elements and tack-on online multiplayer to justify the adding of microtransactions into the product).
I sense the average-ness coming from this game, a game that won't have much identity on it's own since it was construct *solely* as a product of current trends.

You've summed up my thoughts perfectly on this game.

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No intention to buy it.

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game requires online subscription and i'm not renewing psplus

I'm good. Got plenty to play and Bioware's track record no longer gives them the benefit of the doubt.

When it was first revealed at E3, it was a "100 % definitely!" day one purchase. For whatever reason, my excitement has dwindled. If it has good single player content, I'll get it. If not, I won't. Plain and simple.

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aaand doesnt look like ill be getting it now, so now it became a pass xD

Still getting that Jump Force this week though! Feb is one of my more tamer months of purchases.

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