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Will you be getting Anthem?

Yes 6 6.90%
Maybe 14 16.09%
No 63 72.41%
What's Anthem? 4 4.60%
Random_Matt said:
Megiddo said:
No. I didn't see anything that I loved about Bioware games in the past when I played the demo. Just a competent GAAS looter-shooter. No thanks. Not my cup of tea. I'll wait patiently for Dragon Age 4.

They will probably just add multiplayer elements and micro transactions to DA.

..... thems hurtfull words.

I wouldnt even put it past them, to twist it around, until it no longer resembled DA anymore.
Dont you want a 6 man co-op (online only) action rpg DA? common you know you want it...


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Definitely. Had a lot of fun playing the "demo." I expect it to go through the some growing pains, as these types of games tend to do, but it already looks to have a better power chase than it's competition, so between that and the free updates, it's got a lot going for it I think. Will be interesting to see how the story and the characters stack up to previous Bioware experiences though. I know it's not exactly the focus with these types of games, but it would be great to see somebody set a higher standard in that regard than we've seen thus far.

No, as a long time Bioware fan who has seen their fall from grace in the past decade or so and someone who really doesn't enjoy Destiny and similar games, this is not a game for me. And that's fine, my backlog is ridiculous as is.

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No, Bioware lost me totally when they revealed they were removing companions and romance, two things that have been in just about every Bioware game to date. Doesn't help that every gameplay video I've seen had rinse-repeat style MMO missions, those get old super fast. 

Ehhh I might. If my boyfriend or other friends I play with online gets it then yeah. But as of right now, probably not, Solo I have no interest but if I can get a couple friends to get it as well then I'll pick it up and give it a go. Do a blind buy and hope for the best xD

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Nope, not a chance

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Not my kind of game, so will probably pass.
Also been a fairly average response to the Demo's thus far.

Pre-ordered. Played demo. A bit undewhelmed with the game. It’s not bad but I feel like there’s going to be a problem with content early on. I suggest that if you wanna play the game to wait 6 months til new content is available. It’s got potential and it’s no Fallout 76, but it could also be another NMS. At the very least wait for the final game to come out. Do I regret my pre-order? Nope, I’m sure I can squeeze out at least a good 50-60 hours at least out of the game, maybe even 100 so it’s well worth the cost. It’s likely not going to be my main game of the year unless a LOT more content comes out though.

shikamaru317 said:

No, Bioware lost me totally when they revealed they were removing companions and romance, two things that have been in just about every Bioware game to date. Doesn't help that every gameplay video I've seen had rinse-repeat style MMO missions, those get old super fast. 

That seems like an oddly specific thing to highlight as the key reason you're not getting a game. Certain mechanics, and features are simply not suited to certain types of games. We shouldn't put developers in a box, and tell them "hey, you've always made this style of game, and done X/Y/Z, so you better keep doing that forever or I won't buy your game." It's totally fine you're not interested in Anthem, but the fact of the matter is that romances and companions wouldn't really add much of anything to the type of experience they're going for here. It would really suck if gamers just started looking at all devs as one trick ponies, and refused to entertain the notion of checking out their games unless they always adhere to very specific things they've done in the past. 

How many other third person shooters, loot driven, or co-op centric games, etc. are you looking at and going "well….the main reason I'm not into this is because there's no romances or companions"? Probably not too many, right? Like, whenever Borderlands 3 drops for example, I doubt you're going to be passing on that for those reasons.

Again, it's totally cool if Anthem isn't your cup of tea for a myriad of reasons, but I would really hope that those reasons line up with how you judge the kinds of games it's actually competing against. Because if you're not, then you're part of the reason that most publishers would rather force devs to play it safe, than give them to freedom do something completely different (such as GG completely switching lanes from Killzone to Horizon: Zero Dawn). It's not fair of us to expect somebody to do basically the same thing over and over with a different coat of paint. The message you're sending Bioware shouldn't be, "I'm not buying this game because it doesn't a copy a formula you've followed in the past." It should be "I'm not buying this game, because I don't think it's good enough at what it's actually trying to achieve."

I'm not in this game's target audience.