Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?

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Do you game on more than 1 system per Gen?

Yes, I game on more than ... 31 44.29%
No, I only buy 1 console each Gen 14 20.00%
I buy more than 1 console... 23 32.86%
I buy 1 console, and also... 1 1.43%
The Atari 2600 is still my main console 0 0.00%
View Results 1 1.43%

I've recently found this channel called "console wars" on YouTube. Its low budget but I've fallen in love with it. Anyway, they focus on comparing games between the SNES and Genesis.

During that era, I only had the SNES and I automatically assumed that I was getting the best experience 100% of the time over those underpowered Sega fanboys. It was kinda shocking to see that, quite often, the Genesis games were better.

That's what happens when you're a blind fanboy (as I was back then). Now, I embrace every console and I've learned that there's more to having the best experience than just power. I think I'm much happier, now.

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John2290 said:
I've gamed on almost every console, bar handhelds and the Dreamcast every gen since the 5th however this gen is the one I have only played on PlayStation and PC as I've not had any need to buy an xbox and Nintendo are keeping me away with a lack of very small but very important features to me, one in particular being the ability to back up my saves which if corrected I'd buy a switch right away, I'd literally run to the store the same day and buy a 128 gig memory card to boot. I feel however that this coming 9th gen, will be at the very least a teo console gen as I think MS are going to nail it, I'll still be prioritizing PlayStation though until I see results and perhaps a price cut on the Scarlett.

Doesn't the Nintendo Switch Online service already do that now with Cloud Save back-up?  

I usually just play on Playstation because in every gen it is the lead platform where most of the big and important games release.

Seriously owning a Playstation is more than enough to enjoy video gaming imo.

There have been two constants in my gaming life:

Owning a Nintendo system (starting with the NES) and owning a PC (starting with the Tandy 1000). Everything else always revolved around that. In recent generations I've also added Playstation to that mix, but it's not a given. I was also a big fan of the original XBOX but with each generation, that line of consoles has gotten less and less interesting to me.

So I will ALWAYS buy the new Nintendo system, and I will regularly upgrade/replace my gaming PC as it lags behind. And the current Playstation system generally rounds out that combo with any must-play exclusives. But I'm not married to the brand. If XBOX comes out swinging next gen with some serious exclusive action, I could be swayed in their direction. Or I could get neither if the exclusives just aren't there.

Playstation this gen has been fantastic.... its my only current gen system (wii U doesnt belong to same gen I feel).
I kinda want to get a Switch though.

tbh dont feel like Im missing out by not haveing a xbox.


"Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?"

I think more people than not, stick with just 1 system.

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1 console is more than enough for me. I will stick with Sony. If Microsoft can have decent games next gen I may consider gaming PC.


This was worded incorrectly. Maybe change the title to "Is it NORMAL to game on multiple consoles in a gen?". I also assume you dont include PC on this since pretty much everyone has one.

I just have so much going on in my life that a multiple console addiction would be pretty disasterous for me financially, professionally, and personally. I do way more gaming as it is right now on my Switch, and acquiring another console would only make me taht much more likely to get sucked into new time wasters.

omarct said:
This was worded incorrectly. Maybe change the title to "Is it NORMAL to game on multiple consoles in a gen?". I also assume you dont include PC on this since pretty much everyone has one.

Correct.  Because gaming on PC, which I do as well, doesn't really fit into a discussion of consoles and console gens.

Jranation said:
I have never bought a Non Nintendo console since the PS2
- Dont have enough money
- Not interested in other consoles
- Not enough time
- Have a PC for the free2play MMO games and sims

As a multi console gamer I say this...

- I always buy console at a discounted price, often during Black Friday or a deal with similar prices.

- That's subjective, nothing to say there.

- If you play F2P content and MMOs, you have plenty of time but spend it with those.

- If you have a gaming PC and a Nintendo console, you're a multiplat gamer. PC shares most of the content on PlayStation and Xbox.

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