Why are people excited for Microsoft's E3 2019?

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The only excitement for me is the slight chance they announce their next gen console. Software wise no excitement.

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If you don’t like sim racers and also don’t like Horizon, you’re doing something wrong. I can’t imagine a racer ever being better than Horizon 4.

Though if he’s a masochist he might enjoy Carmageddon.

Cerebralbore101 said:

I'd like to see homegrown studios, instead of acquired ones. Having a studio that used to be 3rd party bought out, means a game goes from being 3rd party to an exclusive which I don't really like the idea of. Having a new studio form, and make great games that happen to be exclusives is great. 

Edit: I mean if you're buying a studio to save it from going bankrupt, or you are funding a game that never would have released otherwise, then that's different. Nintendo funding Bayonetta 2 is fine, since it wouldn't have been made otherwise. 

I bought the original Gears of War back in 2006. I just didn't like it at all. The campaign was 10 hours long. The characters were one dimensional. The color palette was brown/grey. The multiplayer was just everybody jumping around with shotguns. 

I'd get an Xbox for Halo if they had more that I was interested in. I'm not a fan of Gears or Forza. I think racing games where you can't shoot the other guy, or ramp, or do something cool are lame. Games that just try to emulate real life, with no actual video-game aspects are boring to me. You'll never catch me playing some modern basketball game, but I'll happily play NBA Jam to this day. 

Gamepass and streaming services are actually kind of scary. They are trying to move from games as a one time product sold, to games as a service. And games as a service will cost people more in the long run. I like the idea of owning the games I am playing. 

The multiplats will be neat, but I'd rather they get revealed at all platform conferences that have them launching on their system. 

A new Fable would be nice. 

They have two new homegrown AAA studios.... the Initiative in Santa Monica that will make Uncharted/Tomb Raider story base game & Playground Games working on Fables. Just don't expect anything from them for another 2-4 years. But that doesn't make it any less exciting.

Microsoft is buying a bunch a studios that never had the financial freedom to make what they wanted.  Rare perfect example of how old Microsoft top brass would drive the studios to the ground creating games that fit their agenda rather then giving them creative freedom like they been having with Phil Spencer to make a game like Sea of Thieves. Don't fool yourself into thinking Sea of Thieves was a failure while the game might not of had the critical success with reviews out of the gate. It was a huge financial success for Microsoft and all the recent free DLC upgrade is bringing back player, more players are buying the game and the game is selling gamepass. Sea of Thieves also benefits from one of the largest install base Xbox + PC. 

I like that Microsoft will be a heaven for smaller studios making quirky indie games that can strive on gamepass.  I expect Microsoft to acquire many more of these smaller studios that can produce game that will go on Gamepass. 

I don't agree with your statement that gamepass will cost more on the long run, Gamepass is and I expect always will be a optional that you can opted in and out. For a cost of $120/year (US$)you can expect at least 1-2 AAA first party games(more if Microsoft keep acquiring studios), a few AAA older 3rd party games that you might of missed and a bunch of indie games (new and old).   

Well Sony skipped E3, If a big 3rd party multiplat want to show of their game and don't want to host their own event then Microsoft is their default choice which create even more excitement for Microsoft E3 Press conference. I'm personally excited has an Xbox fans for their E3 press conference but I think any gamers should be excited to see what Microsoft and their partners have to show.

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I guess people want to see the first games of the acquired studios after Microsoft acquisition.


Well, I'm mostly looking forward to seeing some Halo Infinite gameplay, and hopefully also the announcement of a release date and when the inevitable beta will be. Gears 5 also interests me as well.

Honestly, MS's relative lack of major AAA first-party titles for Xbox as compared to Sony & Nintendo hasn't been a major deal for me in regards to Xbox. Halo alone has always been worth the price of admission. Also, I've always preferred Xbox controllers, and everybody I play online with plays on Xbox as well.

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chakkra said:

Microsoft now has a total of seven new studios, so there's a chance that the same number of new games will be announced this year.

And yes, I know that most likely these games won't release this or next year (even thou some of these studios said that they were already working on something at the moment of the purchase) but to that I should remind you that Death Stranding, Days Gone and TLU2 were announced in 2016.  And Nintendo even "won" E3 2017 with just a logo (A LOGO!).

Not to mention the fact that we haven't really seen anything from Battletoads and Halo Infinite so the fans of those franchises are eager to see more of them.

But I gotta say, if E3-2018 did nothing for you (like really, when was the last time that ANY company announced the purchase of five studios all at once?) then there's a high chance that nothing they do this year will do anything for you either.

So, the bolded isn't at all a good thing. It might SOUND like it in theory, but much like EA, Microsoft has no idea what it's doing in regards to new smaller studios. They bought rare many years ago and have done nothing of value with them in more than a decade. Until they fix that mistake, any mention of 'new studio acquisitions' will be seen as a negative as far as I'm concerned. 

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I've bought every console from the big 3 since the Playstation 2/XBOX/Wii era, but I can't imagine buying the next xbox. I'm still pissed at the money I threw away to only play Halo 5. And now the Alan Wake team appears to be multiplatform with no commitment from MS to make a sequel. Biggest letdown I've ever had from a console.

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Well, XBox360 was my last XBox console, and of course I'm very excited about the Next Gen, and not very much about upcoming games as I don't own a X1. I was tempted by XBox One X, but it came out too late, and I prefer to wait for Next Gen. I'm confident MS will deliver, and in this case Anaconda would be a Day One. They are not gonna make a full show of the Next Hardware, or specs; I think they will show something from Games in development, and for me would be enough reason to stay super tuned on E3 2019 !

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epicurean said:
I've bought every console from the big 3 since the Playstation 2/XBOX/Wii era, but I can't imagine buying the next xbox. I'm still pissed at the money I threw away to only play Halo 5. And now the Alan Wake team appears to be multiplatform with no commitment from MS to make a sequel. Biggest letdown I've ever had from a console.

Do yourself a favor and go sell your Xbox on Kijiji or Craig list, no point whining on a thread when you clearly don't have time to play everything available and should stick to your console of choice. 

Go look at this list and tell me there nothing you'd want to play? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-01-28-xbox-game-pass-games-list-price-6010

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Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break
Rare Replay
Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2
Ori and the blind Forest
Forza Motorsport 7 & Forza Horizon 4
Halo: The Master Chief collection
Halo 5
Gears 4

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Intrinsic said:
two things.....

First Vocal minority.

Second.... you know next gen is right around the corner when everyone starts talking about how great MS is going to be and how much trouble sony is in. Happens every time.

Yep.  It will be interesting to see if MS announces anything HW related. Or if Sony does their own event to announce the PS5. Apparently, a job listing for the next COD said it will be next gen, so there's a chance that we get new consoles late this year or early next year.