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Regardless, Switch will sell whatever the demand is in 2019. Nintendo is not going to start under stocking the Switch for no reason in it's only 3rd year on the market if there is more systems they can sell. If they initially for some reason under estimate demand they will increase production like they've done before. 2017 was only planned to ship 10 million systems if I remember correctly.

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A revision is 100% coming this year.

This news could make sense if Nintendo is producing enough Switch to ship that 20M goal for FY and not meeting demand, meaning sales are not as good as planned. So they'll have so much stock available that they need to slow production for next FY.

I'm not gonna lie. This is in line with what i am saying for a long time, but i'm going to be honest too and say that this article doesn't seem to be very trustful....

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It says production.... Perhaps clearing the way for a "new" switch i lite pro sp?

Even if this news is true, it still doesn't mean anything.

So, yeah.

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Digitimes was quite time wrong when comes to Nintendo and Switch, I remember based on their sources Switch supposed to be launch in 2016. for instance.
Also even is somehow is true, there plenty different possibilities, Nintendo most likely releasing Switch revision this year, so those numbers could be only for current Switch model.

There is now way that Nintendo can sell and ship less units this year than they did in 2018, because 2019. Switch lineup looks much stronger, and price cut and revision are very likely.

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Am I missing the reason for the necro-bump?

Necrobumped one week too early, would have been nice to compare those 14-15M with Nintendos outlook for the upcoming FY in the next quarterly report.