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OTBWY said:
What a moment in time. The Switch is over 30m within 2 years. I can remember people giving it 30m LT. Times have changed.

Yeah, I guessed 40-50M LT. Might be a couple million off...

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Looks like Nintendo Switch won US Hardware for 2018! Congratulations!

OTBWY said:
What a moment in time. The Switch is over 30m within 2 years. I can remember people giving it 30m LT. Times have changed.

Yep! And stuff like it will sell like the Wii U. 

2019 will bring on the "handheld games" like FE, AC and Pokemon which will prove people wrong once again! 

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Evilms said:

The PS4 is 18 million units sold in 2018, really impressive for an aging system.

That it will happen if Sony decides to lower its price permanently to $199?

It isn't that impressive, since it peaked only last year, like every Playstation console before. Now it's actually the best time to buy a PS4, with great games and low price.

I even got mine only this year, it was pointless to get at full price with almost no games back in 2013.

Only Nintendo consoles usually peak very early and fall of a cliff after their 3rd year.

Of course, sales are huge, but it's on par with PS1 and PS2 (which also had huge sales).

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The ps4 is a fucking beast. Top seller 2018. Gratulation Sony and everybody who bought and are enjoying one.

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Sony put the ps4 wherever they want. If they wanted to be aggressive in the US at Christmas, they would, but it seems they are happy to have BF. Just a hardware review or new price for them to have a 2019 at the same level as in 2018.

Switch is doing fantastic! Selling more in the US in less than 2 years than both the X1 and PS4 did in their first two years is a phenomenal feat and signified a huge comeback for Nintendo from the WiiU era! The fact that this has been done with a lacklust 2018 just makes it that much more of a feat and sets the bar high for 2019. With more exclusives than any other console this generation within the same timespan, I expect it to sell even more.

I predict the X1 will hit 50 mil and fizzle out by the time next gen arrives. By no means a failure, even though they lost to Sony big time. They seem to be making some good decisions moving forward however, and it will be interesting to see how next gen goes.

Sony still going strong with the PS4 purting in good numbers for a 5 year old console. The Playstation brand is back in full Swing but it will be interesting to see how they handle the PS5. Hopefully they do not botch the launch like they did with the PS3 or MS did with the X1. If history has taught us anything, it is that today's kings can find themselves clawing back up from the bottom at any given time with a clean slate.  Playstation has a stong foundation however and as long as they make the right choices, they can easily remain on top.  One thing I do know however, is that I am definitely getting a PS5 for God of War 2 and Horizon 2.

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Congrats to PS4 for being the top selling console in 2018! To think how many consoles they would have sold had they kept the $199 promotion through December- but I think Sony is content with their performance throughout the year.

Does next week count as 2018 or 2019?

Switch is creeping up on XBOX One slowly but surely. I expect Switch to be the best selling console for 2019. Bold prediction amirite?!


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