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Which console will sell more and by how much?

Switch by 20 million plus 9 6.92%
Switch by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
Switch by 10-15 million 10 7.69%
Switch by 5-10 million 44 33.85%
Switch by under 5 million 44 33.85%
PS4 by under 5 million 14 10.77%
PS4 by 5-10 million 2 1.54%
PS4 by 10-15 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 15-20 million 1 0.77%
PS4 by 20 million plus 4 3.08%
SwitchUP said:
JRPGfan said:

Switch has a 10-11,5m holidays... and ends up just short of reaching the ~21m range.
PS4 has a 7-8,3m holidays.... and ends up around atmost ~17m.

People that voted for Switch winning by 10m or more, are nutty.

Maybe a bit nutty but, those that voted that voted ps4 20 million above are... well, I'm not sure. What's 5x nuttier than nutty?

Crazy.... or trolling.

if you pick "switch won by 10-15m" = you nutty.
if you pick "Switch by 15-20 million" = you crazy and trolling
if you pick "Switch by 20 million plus" = your voteing in protest of the option even being there or trolling.
if you pick "PS4 won by under 5 million" = you nutty (ps4 isnt winning in its 6th year vs a peak year Switch, with Lite version+pokemon)
if you pick "PS4 by 5-10 million" = you crazy and trolling
if you pick "PS4 by 10-15 million" or "PS4 by 15-20 million" or "PS4 by 20 million plus" = your protest voteing or trolling.

Not sure why the OP added half of these Pole votes :p
Granted I've probably made threads with crazy pole choices too.

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I voted for Switch by 20+ million.

Because I'm a fanboy.

Snesboy said:
I voted for Switch by 20+ million.

Because I'm a fanboy.

Snesboy is a fanboy for the maker of the Snes. Boy, that's shocking.

Barkley said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I still stand by my prediction.  

I am still very confident in my 25m prediction for Switch.  The only thing that can kill my "10-15m ahead" prediction is if Sony issues a major permanent price cut.  Still no word if they are going to do this or not.

How about now? You'll need 15.8m sold over the holiday quarter to reach 25m. Which I think would be an all time record.

15.8m would be outperforming the Wii's peak holiday quarter by over 30%.

PS4 will sell 15m, Switch will sell under 20m difference will be less than 5m.

If I would give a reasonable range it'd be this:

PS4 - 14.8m-16m
Switch - 18.5m-21m

I'd feel more comfortable commenting after Nintendo gives its next financial report.  It should be only a few days away.

Two weeks left but the poll results are already clear. Switch wins by 5-10m.

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It's time to close this thread. Although the sales figures on VG Chartz only go until December 28th I think that's close enough for the purpose of this topic.
In 2019 the Switch has sold 20.2 million consoles compared to the PS4 with 14.1 million, therefore Switch wins by 6.1 million. At this time 35.59% of people had accurately predicted this result on the OP poll. The most popular poll response was Switch by under 5 million so that wasn't too far from the mark.
To put these results into context -
In 2019 out of the 2 consoles 58.89% of sales were a Switch and 41.11% of sales were a PS4.
Switch 2019 20.2 million vs Switch 2018 15.8 million - this is a 25.58% increase.
PS4 2019 14.1 million vs PS4 2018 17.3 million - this is a 18.49% decrease.
If these trends were to continue (and that's highly speculative) in 2020 sales would be - Switch 25.37 million and PS4 11.49 million.
This would have LTD totals at PS4 117.39 million and Switch at 75.17 million at the end of 2020.

To summarise I'm still very impressed with the staying power of the PS4. The console is over 6 years old and sold more units in 2019 than the WiiU did in it's entire existence. Even with declining sales in 2020 the console will rank as one of the greatest of all time and the PS4 will be a good chance to pass the GameBoy in LTD sales this year. The Switch is an interesting one because nobody is quite sure if 2019 represents the peak of the system or whether it can continue to grow. Like always games will be the factor and at this time little is known about the Switch in 2020 but a Nintendo Direct seems imminent. One thing is for sure, the Switch will be the best selling console of 2020 and it's only a question of by how much.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread. 2020 looks set to be huge with next gen systems and a possible Switch Pro on the horizon.