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King Dedede. I've only played a little bit of the Kirby series, so that's not why I'm into him. I love his floatiness, and heavy hitting moves. My typical ruleset: is 3 Stock, Final Smash Meter On, Stage Hazards Off, Items Off, 7 minutes.

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Cerebralbore101 said:

I didn't want to make the Link paragraph too long, but yes the remote bombs are great. So is the bow and arrow. And the up special. I feel like link doesn't have a single bad move in his arsenal. 

In the tips section of the game it said that projectiles that deal 50% or more damage cannot be reflected. Maybe the game's tooltip is wrong though, I haven't tested it. Samus' spike just lacks range IMO. Either that or I'm just bad at using it. Link's spike seems easy because it stays out forever, so timing isn't an issue. Do most moves just whiff when people are lying on the ground then? I just found out that there are up tilts, down tilts, and forward tilts. How do you do these? So far I've only figured out how to do a down tilt. 

You do forward and up tilts exactly how you do down tilts, by pressing holding in a direction and pressing A. Alternatively, you could switch your right stick to tilt attacks to do them instantly with ease, and just do smash attacks the normal way. As for moves whiffing when an opponent is on the ground, it's quite logical - you gotta hit the ground if that's where they are, and most moves don't.

Link's down air does stay out for a very long time, but it only really spikes near the beginning. True, even the post-spike part of it can still be amazing for killing as it connects into an up B (or at least it did in Smash 4, not sure about Ultimate), but technically the spike isn't out forever. Samus' spike takes some getting used to, but once you do it's pretty easy to land as it covers a very wide area below her.

The tips section of the game isn't wrong about 50% projectiles bypassing reflectors, but no projectile does has that much base damage as far as I know, certainly not Samus' charge shot. You only reach damage outputs that high by reflecting projectiles multiple times.

I mainly use Ike, Ganondorf, and Lucina with blonde hair. I also dabble in Roy, Chrom, and the Links a bit.

For ruleset, the default one I use is 3 stock, 8 minutes, and no items, though I let the Smash meter charge cuz I like seeing the Final Smashes. When I'm playing local with family members I'll turn items on, but leave everything else the same.

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Hoooooo boy, this could be interesting.

I don't have a single 'main', but a 'top tier' of fighters I really like to use that I cycle between on stock matches/more serious group settings. When it's just casual dickery, I 'main' the random button. I rarely actively chose my character when playing with my brother or just have friends over for some fun.

The characters I tend to cycle between so far are:

Little Mac
King K Rool

And there are others I'm still learning but LOVE using, like Corrin, Bayonetta, and Inkling (New characters, of course.)

As for rules, I'm pretty much exclusively 3-5 minutes, Smash Meters on, All but a few select stages (75M, Palutena's Temple, New Pork City, and The Great Cave Offensive are on my shitlist). All hazards on, but people are free to use Omega/Battlefield edits. Furthermore, All items on, but only a normal spawn rate. If there ARE stock, I firmly enact a 5 minute timer, because my gameplay style pretty heavily goes towards that of a Kamikaze fighter and there's nothing I hate more than sitting and waiting to watch two tournament fighters duke it out for half an hour while waiting on their depletion of stock.

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Bloodborne, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls III

I tend to cycle through a few different characters, but right now I've been focusing on Incineroar (if it isn't obvious enough )

Don't have a particular preference on rules.

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I don’t have a main yet because I haven’t played all characters :P

But I do have a soft spot for Ice Climbers, was the same in Brawl. I’m no pro player and don’t know or care about tiers, I play to have fun and have fallen for IC because to me the way they are played is fun.

I prefer playing random maps stock 2 2:30 with all items enabeled no smash meter with 4 players or more. As I said I play for fun and I thrive in smashes chaotic mayhem with lots of players and items.

Most boring way to play smash is 1on1 with no items on an omega stage. Under those circumstanses Smash is a sub par, slow and campy fighting game. That’s why Ultimates online suck in my opinion since I get 1 on 1 matches 90 % of the time.

I'm juggling between Dr. Mario and Dark Samus right now. Can't quite decide which one I prefer. I also really like playing as Cloud and Ridley. As for rulesets, I mostly just do a 3-stock with items turned off, and play on any stage (hazards on and everything).


I’ve mainly been playing World of Light with Bowser. I like the raw strength. Not much range though.

Daisy and I like 5 stock matches with stage morph turned on. Stage morph is such a great feature, I never turn it off.

I usually play as one of the Links. Don't care whether he's good or not, but he's easy to use and TLoZ is one of my favourite franchises.

I prefer the basic rules (4 players, time mode - 3 minutes, all items on, random stage), but I also like some variation (except for the items, turning them off just makes it less fun).