When is it no longer appropriate to have a Christmas Avatar?

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It is no longer appropriate:

The day after Christmas 4 13.33%
A week after Christmas 1 3.33%
On New Year's Day 6 20.00%
Once Winter Is Over 2 6.67%
Whenever you want fam, I won't judge you 10 33.33%
Never. 7 23.33%

Just keep til you get bored, have a friend who keeps Christmas tree all ywar (it preventes them to get robbed once so lol) also I gor shock while living in Japan because next day after Christmas all decoration and tree from malls was gone...

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That's like asking after how long you should dispose of your freshly murdered spouse. You shouldn't have murdered her in the first place.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Christmas != red hat/suit
So, red hat/suit = it's over when "Christmas" in terms of presents and family and red trucks delivering drinks is over. Since this Christmas isn't really serious anyways, you can easily be "funny" by wearing the hat whenever and throw presents around in green/red/golden colors.
Real christmas = ends with New Year, Epiphany takes over (for Protestants; check your religion and its liturgical year if you are into it)

A radio station I listen too still has a icon showing on my car's dash for Christmas. been thinking they should change it for a while now, so assume same for this question.

Its your Avatar man. So what ever you Like with it.

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Whenever you want

change that ish now

3 kings day is on the 6. Those were the guys that supposedly brought gifts for baby jesus.

There is a saying in Norway, Christmas lasts until Easter

Nothing to see here, move along