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So it seems like the rumors of Switch > PS4 + XONE is true! But the 2mil is not
Soooo a Magnificent win for Switch!

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Soundwave said:

I believe 1770k for Switch would be the best December of this generation (PS4/XB1 included) so that's good.

Yep best month for any system since Dec 2010.

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zorg1000 said:
trunkswd said:

I've made adjustments to our figures to closely match the leaked NPD figures and posted the December 29 hardware figures. If anything seems off be sure to let me know. I am about to head to bed as it is 2:30am here.

Making adjustments at 230am? You're crazy lol

It would have bugged me if I didn't make the adjustments before I went to bed. 

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I just got back from Glass and need to know if we got any numbers yet?

Pagan said:
If Switch is Gen 8 its the best month for the Gen 8.
If its Gen 9 WE have to See If the ps5 and nextbox will sell more than 1.8 Mill.
Gen 9 1.8mill is still good.

What was the previous record for gen 8?

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Pretty good Switch number even though it was massively down from my expectation.

I see numbers are finally here.

Everyone did worse then what I expected, but still did good. Overall holiday 2018 was great for the industry.

So did Pokemon technically push more hardware than Smash? Or did the cyber Monday being counted for Nov instead of Dec screw things up?

well a bit below.... but damn these switch numbers!!! The train called switch does not seem to slow down and 2019 will be far greater from 2018!! Cant wait to see how it goes on

Despite all 3 sold little less than expected, PS4 and XB1 are in their 5. year on market so they done OK numbers,
Switch just had best December of hole generation, had best year of 3 and sold more than PS4+XB1 combined in December, so 1.8m is still very good despite didnt sold 2m+ like most people expected.