What video game system do you think is the most underrated?

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Gamecube and N64.
Made some of the most iconic games of their generation and pushed gaming a lot, but really didn't dominate their gen sale wise which is a shame.

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It had amazing games and fixed like... 75% of the problem of media storage and crap controller that plagued the N64.

It should have sold more than its predecessor, at least.






I was thinking Gamecube, but that has gotten a lot of love in recent years. Ill go with the Master System. Such a gem of a console.

The most underrated game system is the PC, especially on this site

PS Vita. The system itself is probably the best portable machine ever created. It was powerful, the screen was amazing, it had dual analog sticks... and it was still portable enough to fit it in most pockets.

It also had plenty of great games if you knew where to search for them. And Remote Play is an amazing option that doesn't get mentioned enough.

Of course, lack of strong first party support, memory cards and not being able to keep your save files when deleting a digital game among other things, keep the system from the big names on the industry... but its good things best the bad things, making the Vita an overall great console.

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The Vita is easily the most underrated. Spent so many great hours with that thing.

Sega Master System

Spindel said:
Sega Master System

Better graphics than NES and some really good games RIP Alex Kidd and Phantasy Star

Xbox 360.

Massive library of stellar games, very comfortable controller, beastly powerful for its time, had the best (console) version of most 7th gen multiplats.

Gets a lot of flak for the failure rate of early models, but this was fixed with the slim. 

Xbox 360.

The only one that gives the PS2 any competition at all when it comes to my favourite console of all time. So yeah, I think it deserves much more credit than it gets. I think Microsoft are pretty meh overall when it comes to games, but the 360 was a real masterpiece by them, one that's right up there with anything anybody else has ever done!

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