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I got a lot of socks, a zip up sweater, a robe, lots of money, and a chipotle gift card (lol). Also a few other things.

might sound boring, but that's actually pretty much what I wanted this year. first time I've ever wanted clothes lol (not really a fashionable kind of person).

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I got a really loooooooong letter from someone truly important to me. A gift that is self-made and came straight from the heart. I like those presents the most. =)

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Well, money from my dad, and an Amazon gift card from my sister.

Nothing, but I'll tag this thread till New Year's Eve.

I got nothing related to gaming, yet Christmas is all about the kids nowadays. They got a lot. I did get some socks and snacks.
Plus I buy everything I want the day it comes out :/

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Clothes. Lots of em' lol. Shirts, socks, underwear, a scarf... - the typical stuff I appreciate the most. A few books and some sweets.

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Underwear, razers and cream, and an electric shaver.

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New adidas hoodie
Two new throw blankets
New queen sheet set
32” TCL Smart tv
New underwear
Olive Garden gift card
In and out gift card
Starbucks gift card
Naruto shippuden box sets 6 and 7
One piece dvd collections 21 22 23
The nun blu ray
Venom blu ray
Prison school complete series blu ray
New towels
New cologne from bath and body works
$200 visa gift card

$50 starbucks giftcard

Champion hoodie

$350 total in cash from people in my family

The Yeezy 350s