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The Last of Us was the last game I bought for the PS3 & Bioshock Infinite for 360.

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Most likely Dark Souls 2 for PS3 in 2014.

Persona 5

Last month i bought Persona 5 for PS3 (for my collection) and Blue Dragon in march of this year for X360


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Either The Evil Within or Dark Souls 2 (The updated Scholar of the First Sin version) for 360. Dunno which one released later than the other one, but these two were already deep inside the new generation, circa 2014-2015.

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CoD Black Ops 3.

Assassins Creed Rogue for PS3 in 2014

Hm, I think it was Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in 2014 for 360, I think the last PS3 game I bought was FFVII from the PS Store think this was in 2011 maybe, otherwise, I don't remember the last proper release game I bought for PS3. 

My newest 360 game is Sacred 3... but I got it for keeps via XBL Gold, so that doesn't count.
My newest digital 360 game I bought was Forza Horizon.
My newest retail 360 game I bought was Gears of War: Judgment.

My newest PS3 game is Steredenn... but I got it via PS+, so that doesn't count.
My newest digital PS3 games I bought were Shovel Knight + Oddworld New'n'Tasty (same release day), but I bought them mainly for PS4 + Vita.
My newest digital games I bought for PS3-hardware was South Park: The Stick of Truth.
My newest retail PS3 game I bought was Beyond: Two Souls.

Supposedly Wolfenstein The New Order & The Evil Within were my last 360 games when both games came out in 2014, then there was Resident Evil Revelations 2 complete edition which was released in 2015, so i had to give it one more last 360 game then move on.

Yes, the answer is definitely Resident Evil Revelations 2 in 2015 for 360, i remember now.

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