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Some people that have Nintendo don't understand how life is in places like South America for example, something that Sony and even Microsoft does. Instead of becoming competitive here they just choose the elitism approach which is very sad. They don't even release games here anymore while PS4 and X1 games are released even with subtitles in portuguese. I have a P4, 3DS and Switch (that I bought while I visited my brother in Canada last year) and quality wise there is no reason for Nintendo act the way they do. Their games are not better. I loved "Breath of the Wild" and and "Odyssey". But I loved Persona 5 and God of War way more and they are not 60$, a game like Mario Party being $60 really makes me laugh to be honest.
Games should be enjoyed by everyone and even though I will continue playing Switch next year because of their approach I will play way less than I could have.

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Short answer? Competition.

Long answer:

If someone bought a NS say, this time next year. You can pretty much list out the top 7 games the person can or will buy right now. Now since there are very few must have  games to chose from or more specifically fewer publishers offering must have games on the platform, nintendo pretty much has a monopoly on their library. The know that anyone buying their platform is going to buy (the usual suspects) mario, mario kart, smash, zelda.....etc. The same group of best selling games on every nintendo platform. So the only reason to drop their prices is if their sequels are released on the same platform.

Its also a way of forcing the hand of their buyers. Take me for instance, I have not bought either detroit or spiderman yet, because I have a backlog I am still going through and I know that by the time I am ready to play them sometime in march next year they will cost less. Hence it makes zero sense me buying it now and having it just sit in my hard drive till next year. Nintendo buyers don't have that luxury. You might as well just buy the game now cause its price is never coming down. Meanwhile when I am ready I will probably get both games for $60.

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KLAMarine said:

The difference is day-night?

Yes. Nobody invests tens of millions of dollars for a game, and will simply sit and stare at other's new games overshadow it a week after launch. 

The Nintendo consoles have a lot less multiplats and there is a reason for it.

omarct said:
manuelogando40 said:

I am not agree with this. In fact, most Nintendo games sell in a impressive way, and they sell with strong legs. It is safe to say they reach the most people with their games. 

Thats false, only the very popular Nintendo games have strong legs because Nintendo fans have no choice but to buy full price. But their less popular games do not have strong legs.

But this works well for Nintendo because they make a few strong games and dont have to worry about cannibalizing themselves with many games and lowering prices, which is why they dont care so much about third party games as they see them as competition. If you are an avid gamer, this is one of the reason why having only a Nintendo console its not recommended as their selection of games is very limited compared to the other consoles/pc. 

TLDR one of the many reasons for lower prices in other consoles  is the result of competition from many third party games trying to get a piece of the pie. Meanwhile Nintendo has almost 0 third party competition on their console which allows them to keep their prices up, not to mention they have a very dedicated fan-base.

Your tldr makes literally no sense.  These companies do not exist in a vaccuum.  Nitnendo is competing against Microsoft, Sony and PCs for gamers' dollars.  Smash is competing against RDR2 for gamers' dollars.  In this respect, Nintendo the developer is in the exact same situation that Activision, Square Enix, SIE, and others are: they want you buying their game and are competing against everyone else for their share of the pie.

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The answer is competition, with lackluster 3rd party support/inferior ports there's little Nintendo's games have to compete with for consumer attention so they can keep the prices up. Sony & Microsoft have significantly more games competing for consumers money so obviously need to drop prices to remain competitive.

So what, if Nintendo consoles had more third party games, they'd have to drop their prices?

....Frankly that just makes it seem like the third parties are stupid for not putting less expensive games on the Switch to try and fill that niche. So basically we are all saying that the third parties are stupid and failing to fill in a clear and obvious niche.

The Democratic Nintendo fan....is that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

KingofTrolls said:
KLAMarine said:

The difference is day-night?

Yes. Nobody invests tens of millions of dollars for a game, and will simply sit and stare at other's new games overshadow it a week after launch. 

The Nintendo consoles have a lot less multiplats and there is a reason for it.

"Yes. Nobody invests tens of millions of dollars for a game, and will simply sit and stare at other's new games overshadow it a week after launch."

>What are you referring to here?

"The Nintendo consoles have a lot less multiplats and there is a reason for it."

>The Switch is newer compared to the X1/PS4?

Simple behavioral psychology. The super-fast discounts from other companies have conditioned much of their consumer base to simply wait a fairly short amount of time and they'll get the same game, often a significantly better game thanks to DLC being tossed in on top, for 1/3 of the price. This is doubly bad because it both rewards waiting and punishes instant gratification.

The reason they do this is because these games are often super-expensive to make and the developers need to ring out every dime they can get from them as fast as they possibly can. This is especially true of AAA single player titles. Add in that the competition is also aggressively discounting their games and it's all bad.

Nintendo is on another level. They have their own consoles where they invariably dominate the sales figures. They also have ridiculous cash reserves. Nintendo doesn't need to make all of their money immediately to fund the next Mario game. So they can take the long view. They condition their consumers to not expect a price cut. At least not for a significant amount of time.

In this way, Nintendo actually makes MORE up front as fewer consumers hang on to their money in hopes for a better deal later. The games also continue to be purchased at the higher prices for much longer. I mean, Mario Kart is four years old and still selling over 200,000 units every month. Any other company would have long since dropped the price to $20 in order to goose holiday sales figures and would get about $4 million in gross sales. Not bad. But because Nintendo is holding to the $60 price point, they're reaping $12 million in gross sales. Again, that's every single month!

Not only that, but it's actually psychologically good for the consumer. Worrying about price cuts makes a person hesitant to purchase a game. If a game drops in price a month after you purchase it, that's a loss to the customer. Now, on the other hand, waiting and getting something for cheaper is a win. The problem is that wins and losses are not equal in human psychology. There's a human tendency towards loss aversion. People feel more strongly about losing a dollar than winning a dollar. Nintendo fans are rarely economic losers. The only game on the Switch I recall feeling bad about purchasing early is Mario + Rabbids. Of all the other games in my collection, thanks to the Amazon discount (sadly discontinued), the most I've seen games I purchased Day 1 undersold for was $3. And I'll gladly pay an extra $3 to be able to play the game a year earlier.

So, basically, Nintendo has leveraged their isolation from the rest of the gaming community into being able to play the long game more effectively than anyone else. Funnily enough, third parties have also benefited. Anyone else notice that third party Switch software drops in price slowly as well?

Nintendo thinks that by lowering their prices, they are devaluing their product. For them, people often associate low prices with low quality products and do not want people to have that perception of their games. The problem here is that Nintendo has no competition in the market, its games are unique, no other game gives you the "Nintendo experience", so they do not feel that need to lower the price quickly. In the case of others, their games have a more direct competition with those of other companies.

Personally, I like Nintendo and luckily for them, I decide for what I like and not for price.

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