Pyro as Bill said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

 Since then, they've just been following, not directing anymore.

Following who? The US? They're our babies. The current US has more in common with England than the UK. We're the only 2 countries in the world who understand free speech and free trade. Once we've removed our British overlords, the US can finally get some quality competition.

Also, 2 Million majority? Not even during the referendum was the majority so big. But yeah, if the MPs and newspapers continue to blame everything bad on the EU and grab all the credit for themselves when the EU does something good, then of course the UK will leave some day.

England, not yookay remember?

But seriously, at this point, what's floating in most people's minds if you leave is more in the line of "good riddance, you ingrates! The EU is much better off without you naysayers" or something like that.

Feeling's mutual. Unfortunately we have a PM who thinks the EU is important to our national security (ironic, i know) and we have to have a close relationship.

JRPGfan said:

Time to stop liveing in the past.
Ive said it before the UK isnt "the empire on which the sun never sets" anymore.

And its importance on the world scene will only drop futher, once it leaves the EU.

England not UK. 'Little Englanders'/English liberals never wanted an empire. They didn't want war with the American colonies either. They knew that free trade would be mutually beneficial as opposed to war which hurts everyone except those making money from it.

So you assume that people that voted remain didn't vote to help the poorest in our society?

How is leaving the EU going to help the poorest in our society?

Free Trade makes everyone richer except protectionists. See the Corn Laws and Imperial Preference (ie the last 2 times the 'Tory' party split) for more details. Remainiacs (excluding idealistic students) have no problem seeing wages fall for the low and no skilled so long as their house price keeps increasing.

The corn laws where extreme, A ton of imported wheat would have needed to cost over 1300$ in today's currency , 6 times what it costs right now (~220$). That's not protectionism, that's outright mercantilism (which practically forbids any imports with absolutely excessive tariffs)

US are your baby? The baby has outgrown you decades ago and is now ordering you around like their little pet. And ROFL on the rest of the text there. You really think tiny little England won't get squashed by the US in their demands? Trumps US is all take and no give, what part of America first or their "trade offer" (which is basically just asking to do everything for them and getting nothing in return) do you not understand?

I do agree with May on the national Security to some degree. It would cut off the UK from any European criminal investigation, biometric data and arrest warrants, meaning terrorists and criminals could flee to the UK before they are identified and get out of jail that way since the country made itself unaware of the criminals - and couldn't be apprehended there either.

And your historical revisionism is just laughable.  English liberals maybe didn't want those things, but back in the day, their fraction was about as big as the British pirate party is today. As a whole the British people enjoyed mostly those things.

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What a mess. This is going to be uglier than a no deal Brexit. Mainly because they didn't get enough time to do anything about their predicament, so they'll just end up with a no deal brexit anyway, but in the meantime they'll probably have a general election and European parliamentary elections, and both of those are going to tear the country apart, and the latter will probably be ugly for the EU too. The only way they get out of no deal at this point is if UKIP and the Brexit party split the Leave vote so badly that a Labour-LibDem-SNP coalition gets into power with Lib Dems and SNP making a second referendum a bargaining chip for forming a government. That still leaves behind a massively polarized country. The existence of the Brexit party will mean that literally every general election will be a new Brexit referendum until the party dies or succeeds in its goals.