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Would you be proud to launch a game like this?

yes 11 20.37%
no 43 79.63%

There are no words for this...just wow.

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JRPGfan said:
konnichiwa said:
Well bad, I was honestly surprised that they announced it for the switch. I had a lot of troubles with this game and had to play it on a low resolution on my pc.

Did you play it in 300p... with mid 20 fps, and occassional stutters too?
Like I feel this is unexceptable, if this is what you need to do to get it running on a switch, it shouldnt have been ported over.

It was fine on the lowest settings for me except for the game went crazy, especially underwater sections where you get under attack by like 20 megalodons and other creatures that want to kill you.   I blame the publishers because it seems impossible to make Ark on switch except for totally changing the game.

sounds like a zero effort port or just clueless devs

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Glad I have no interest in this title.

I said it when it was first announced that this would be a disaster. The game runs poorly on standard XB1 and standard PS4 and they are much more powerful than Switch in docked mode, let alone Switch in handheld mode.

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When this port was announced I was one of the people that mentioned how unoptimized this game was on PC. I didn't expect the port to turn out like this though...At least this game answered a question many people had, yes you can port any game to the Switch as long as you lower the resolution enough. FFXV and RDR2 @ 144p are an actual possibility now.

Looking at the video, it almost looks like a procedurally generated world that materializes in front of your eyes.

That's an oil painting!

This is just one of those games where the developers really just wanted to say "Hey, Switch can run it!, not well but it can run it!". Doom and Wolfenstein were heavily optimized and smaller scale titles that managed to feel, look, and play as accurately as possible to the other versions, while still being good ports in their own right.

I knew this wasn't going to end well given how bad it runs on PS4/XB1, but wow... this is impressive! xD

Nintendo shouldn't even allow this kind of thing to be released.

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