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Congrats to Sony - still no. 1 after 5 years is impressive! I think, just like last year, that it wouldn't have even been a contest had they provided more stock of the $199 bundle, but I don't think Sony really cares. They'd be losing revenue if they continue at that price. I think they're content with keeping it close to the competition in the U.S. They still have dominance in Europe- which has now become the world's largest market. They are also still performing well in Japan and the rest of the world. PS4 should easily cross the 100 million mark soon and 1,000,000 games sold - all on the heels of the inevitable PS5 reveal. I'm guessing they ride out PS4 until Spring 2020. If PS5 is fully compatible to PS4 games - it will help extend the PS4 life to possibly PS2 levels.

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Intrinsic said:
Miyamotoo said:

That's quite inaccurate, totals Jan-Oct 2018:

PS4: 3048K (+14% YoY)

NSW: 2505K (-4% YoY)

XB1: 2083K (+35% YoY)

So like you can see both PS4 and XB1 were YoY up until this month while Switch was YoY down, so no, this November is not reflective of result until now.


I dont talking about what's expected or not, that wasn't my point at all, I made you reply to you because you wrote LOL when I wrote "Switch is biggest winner of this month".

So when its convenient we are only looking at the entire year? Out of those 10 months the PS4 was down YOY for around 7 of them. Thats a trend. The odd month or two it was up is aka bucking the trend. It just happened to have been up by a lot those months which is why its whole year performance looks good. It doesn't change that its been "trending" downwards.

Be honest here..... ut of those 10 months how many did NS perform better for? my guess woould be more than 5 of them? Which even though YOY it was down by 4% it has been trending upwards all year.

But ok... for whatever its worth.... NS is the biggest winner this month. Though technically if thats how you want to look at it what you really should be saying is that its the only winner this month. Cause all the others are not even up but rather down YOY. 


So.... yay?

I disagree, like I wrote "Great result for all 3, but Switch is biggest winner here". Despite PS4 is down YOY still had great month in any case, same goes for XB1, but Switch had almost double boost compared to last year so that why its biggest winner.

Wow, Wow, Wow...., i missed the party here. So PS4 1'4M......ok, Switch 1,3M.........very surprising, XBO 1'3M too (WTF how is that possible?!?!).

Well..., conclusion, Switch ended doing what most people expected before that PR from Nintendo. PS4 did way worse than moste people were expecting and XBO is the true surprise here, because it almost come to 1st place unit sales. I found possible that PR number from Nintendo to be wrong, but i decided to believe it, but i never would believed that XBO was so close to the other two in November. So, big month for the industry in November, way better than i expected.

December is going to be a free path for Switch, and most probably will end the year as the best selling console of the year in USA. I still don't undertand what Sony is doing the last few holiday seasons. I expect they're happy with the profit numbers..., because after December they're going to hear every day how PS4 is finished in USA. Microsoft, to me is the biggest winner of the three, showing how powerful is Microsoft during this period.

And now I'm laughing to all who said "2018 will be the PS4's price cut to 199", Sony never even needed to cut the price during the whole year

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RolStoppable said:
tak13 said:

The eight years old 3ds is down yoy for 39%... 

You expected it to be yoy up for almost the same precentage.

Why the heck would it be yoy up?

3ds sales are very good given the circumstances...

3ds in its eight year has been performing like wii u was performing in its third year, so align your expectations with that.

I didn't look at last year's numbers nor did I pay any attention if it had good deals in November.

That was obvious from your prediction on NPD thread but I'm certain that if you had checked last year numbers your prediction would be close.

The deal was special 2ds edition with Super Mario Maker for 79$, maybe things would have been better if it was new 2ds xl instead, even if it costs 70$ more than 2ds... 

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Also congrats to the PS4 for outselling the PS3 LTD in the US. The PS3 was discontinued in the US October 2016, dont know when the last NPD reporting date was.

Megiddo said:
MasonADC said:

Truly bold ps4 numbers 

Not sure that a 10% bump is particularly bold, when you have people in this thread going with 100% bumps for other consoles.

I guess we figured out which prediction was bolder 

Seems ps4 beat ps3 for lifetime sales in the us

thismeintiel said:

Looks like they put out just enough to win the month by a comfortable margin. I wonder if this has to do with focusing on profit, or they are scaling PS4 production down slightly. They originally only predicted 17M (or was it 16M?) shipped this FY.  They had to up it to 17.5M recently, and may actually end up with 18M shipped.


It seems exactly like that. Looks like they produced enough to be number one in sales and that's it, which is so disappointing..... Last year it seems they did the same in December, shipping just enough to be the best selling console of the year. I wonder if this year are going to do the same. If Switch sells 2'0M they sell 1'5M, if Switch 1'7M they 1'2M, if Swich 1'5M they 1'0M, .....

We'll need to wait and see, but i still expect Switch selling more than 670k against PS4 in December....

tbone51 said:
Results are in

Switch: 1360K
PS4: 1480K
XBO: 1340K

Hah wow. I was way off. Benji was right on the mark.

XBO with a ludicrously good November being able to stay basically flat from the 1X release month while having less aggressive Black Friday sales. Switch had a phenomenal November and PS4 was indeed extremely limited by supply and had a lower supply than last year.

Crazy how close all 3 systems are.