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Mortal Kombat 11 with 21 savage is pretty dope.

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okr said:
The problem with western music in games is not that it‘s bad imo, but that it‘s more of the same we already know from movies and TV shows. Japanese music is what distinguishes videogame music from music in other media.

Personally I like both western game music and Japanese game music about equally. I have favorite soundtracks and composers on both sides.


MK11. Sweet!

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LOL, kinda stole sports and racing awards thunder

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Nice, I'm glad Forza Horizon 4 won best sports/racing!!!

My pants got tight watching that MK11 trailer...

The MK11 song was bleh, but that trailer was really nice.

What's up with the two Scorpions? I don't follow the lore.

Sports and racing award has any thunder?

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