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Nintendo not getting any awards this year but Sony getting snubbed on their best year since so long is kinda crazy.
Oh well.

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okr said:
Did you realize that Journey is losing its Playstation exclusivity? It‘s coming to PC.

Insert 6 years later Spongebob meme

I just got A way out from the sale. Will play it with one of my friends this weekend.

The old "you thought the song was over" trick, but this time I really hoped so

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Mnementh said:
This music piece is boring as death. They won an award for the music?

Music is super subjective honestly. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that others don't. I like it personally, and the chat on the Mixer Stream for the Awards that I'm watching seems to mostly like it as well.

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Mnementh said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:
Just tuned in. Did I miss anything big?

Marvel brawler exclusive for Switch

new Supergiant game named Hades

Obsidian makes Sci-Fi Fallout named Outer Worlds or so

Crash Racing comes

RDR2 wins every category

Thanks for catching me up.   

Nice to see Switch getting another exclusive.  And congrats to RDR2!

Stranger Things 3 trailer? please!

The problem with western music in games is not that it‘s bad imo, but that it‘s more of the same we already know from movies and TV shows. Japanese music is what distinguishes videogame music from music in other media.

Batman Arkham State please!


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I like Stranger Things. I like beat 'em ups. I like 16-bit. Yep this game has everything I want. Also it's nice to hear them talking about the third season of Stranger Things. Hope it comes out soon.