Which size is your Switch microSD?

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Which size is your Switch microSD?

512 GB 1 1.52%
400 GB 8 12.12%
256 GB 9 13.64%
200 GB 7 10.61%
128 GB 29 43.94%
64 GB 4 6.06%
32 GB 1 1.52%
16 GB 0 0.00%
8 GB 0 0.00%
We don't need no stinkin' memory cards! 7 10.61%

200 GB. Should be enough I think.

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128 GB with over 95 GB still open. The only retail game I've gotten digitally so far is Super Mario Party. I really only use my card for updates, digital-only content, and the like.

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I have a 200GB card, been thinking of upgrading to 400GBs though.

128GB, got it for relatively cheap. It's filling up quickly, but I'll be happy to upgrade when needed and move it to my phone so I can fit loads of music on there.

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I have a 64 GB card and a 128 GB card. I mainly buy physical, unless the game is primarily online or there is a partial download that is required to play it.

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I carried over my 64GB one from the 3DS as I didn't plan on buying much digital, but upgraded to a 128GB card as I've ended up being about 70% digital this gen

256. It's been full for a while now. I buy everything digitally and I don't life deleting so I really look at download sizes before buying a game now. Every missed out on a few good sales because I just don't have the space.


I did delete NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18, Doom, and DB Xenoverse. That gave me a lot of room.

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None. I'm not ready to go digital yet.

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