Which size is your Switch microSD?

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Which size is your Switch microSD?

512 GB 1 1.52%
400 GB 8 12.12%
256 GB 9 13.64%
200 GB 7 10.61%
128 GB 29 43.94%
64 GB 4 6.06%
32 GB 1 1.52%
16 GB 0 0.00%
8 GB 0 0.00%
We don't need no stinkin' memory cards! 7 10.61%

I've got a 200gb one right now.

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I got the extreme plus 128 gb gold sandisk for only 30 dollars and its extremely fast

Since i buy all games physical i do not need a bigger card and i dont buy games like 2k, wolfenstein or fifa for the switch

Picked up a high quality 128GB card at launch for like $40. It's the card type that is intended for DSLR digital cameras or something like that. If I were to be buying now, I'd probably get the 256GB as they are now in that price range. Size hasn't been an issue yet for me and I now only buy digital.

128GB but planing to upgrade to 256GB.

Using a 128GB PNY SDXC.

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256GB, figured that would be enough to last me the generation.

128 gb and I suspect I will upgrade to 400 gb next year

I picked up a 256GB one last year, can't remember what I paid but I know it was a pretty good deal at the time.

Bought a 128GB NIntendo-branded Sandisk one.

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128GB that should last the whole generation since I buy physical when possible.