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I hope for new 2D Zelda next year.


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2017: BotW
2018: SSBU (3 links / 2 Zeldas / 1 Captain Falcon Clone)
2019: Skyward Sword HD
2020: 2D zelda
2021 BotW sequel (Alien Invasion)
2022: Hyrule Warriors 2

Seems to me there are 6 separate forms of Zelda games:

1. Open World like Breath of the Wild.

This is obviously the future of the premier titles of the franchise. The only question is whether a sequel finds its way onto the system this generation or the next.

2. Traditional 3D Adventure.

This would be the genre that Ocarina of Time popularized and that Zelda followed for almost 20 years. At the moment, they don't seem to have any interest in returning to this. Personally, I much prefer these to Breath of the Wild, but I appear to be in the minority.

3. Traditional 2D Adventure.

A Link to the Past is the model. I think it very likely we'll see one of these this generation as well. We know that there's a team dedicated to making them and the genre remains popular.

4. Multiplayer Zelda.

Four Swords, Tri-Force Heroes. I think it quite likely we'll see a game like this for the generation.

5. Spin-offs.

Hyrule Warriors, Link's Crossbow Training, that Tingle game. With the Hyrule Warriors re-release, we can actually consider this to be this year's Zelda offering.

6. Remakes. No need to explain.

So, between those six, it's not difficult at all to see a Zelda game released each year without necessarily over saturating.

Nintendo has become the king of the retreads. I'm tired of it, frankly. Minor updates and ports are of little interest to me. I've owned almost every Nintendo system. So, I've played every one of the old games that I care about. I want new content, or true remakes of very old, great games.

-new game on botw engine.
-OoT/MM remade with botw engine
-Hyrule warriors 2
-2D zelda
-ubisoft licensing (mario rabbids, starlink)
-re-release of either WWHD or TPHD or both

Enough until switch sucessor.

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My predictions with an *H* by each one for the ones I hope for the most.

2019 - Twilight Princess HD Port
2020 - Over the top Zelda in HD but like Between Worlds; new game *H*
2021 - Either Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time HD remake
2022 - New 3d Zelda game as cross gen between Switch and Switch 2 (or whatever it's called) *H*
2023 - A link to the past HD remake (4k, 60 fps, on the Switch 2.0 which will run a quantum, 100gb ram, and have a 10 terabyte hardrive, all even smaller than the Switch) *HHHH*

I also could see them doing a mid-gen Zelda game using the engine from Breath of the Wild, but in order for it to not interfere with a Zelda launch of their next system (which, at this point, they probably want to always have that as a launch game based on how weak the Wii U was and how successful the Switch has been) that game will need to be out either the end of 2019 or in the first half of 2020, in my opinion. Again though, if they are going to do the same engine sequel to Breath of the Wild, I don't think they will use their entire mainline Zelda team on that, as those guys need to get cranking on Switch 2.0 system seller off the bat.

There are enough older titles to port over and the possibilities of 2.5D Zelda games to make inbetween 3D releases that this would actually make a ton of sense and in no way devalue to franchise.

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Ocarina of Time HD please

It's definitely time for Skyward Sword HD, and Hyrule Warriors should get a sequel so that's two Zelda titles right there.

I don't cont remakes as releases. To me that is BAU for Nintendo each gen in recent times lol.