When do you expect first "PRICE CUT" for Switch?

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PortisheadBiscuit said:
With the possible Trump tariffs on electronics manufactured in China, doubt we'll see one amy time soon.

I wonder how much of an affect would new foreign trade policies affect hardware prices.

Even during the bubble burst and the inflation during the late 2000s, the 7th generation consoles were selling really (even the PS3 did respectively well despite a bad start). Though I guess Sony and Microsoft sustained losses during the 7th generation due to HD development being relatively new at the time and Blu-ray adding to the costs for the PS3, even though it was the cheapest option for a Blu-ray player at the time.

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Personally I would have given it a price cut this holiday for an extra push to reach that 20 million goal, but perhaps Switch still doesn't have enough word of mouth popularity for something so bold. I expect to see one in late summer/early fall 2019 or wheneverthe launch of the redesigned version will be. If sales wane too much early in the year or if they release the revision sooner, like spring, then they may do it late spring.

What Rol said sounds solid too, but I think this revision is also going to be for younger players, not just females. I expect colors to be a big thing and possibly nondetachable or simplified controller connections for ease of use and more durability.

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Nintendo don´t need to do a cut price for its best selling product. 

¿Why are they going to do this? Nintendo is not bigger as playstation or xbox. They need reneuve from hardware. Actually, Nintendo Switch has no competence at all. There in not any hybrid console in the market at all. So, the answer is not before 2021. 

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Nintendo will not drop the price before momentum starts to slow. Next year comes NSMBUD, Animal Crossing and Pokemon, so momentum will rise. No price cut in 2019 (although Black Friday deals or something like that). What I can see is at constant price a bundle with a game or a new model. But no price cut in 2019.

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dx11332sega said:
I dont think it'll ever have a price cut because pokemon next year will boost sales regardless and in 2020 it'll stay the same because xbox scarlet and ps5 are gonna cost more than switch it'll still be the cheapest console in the market

Actually I think we will definitely getting some kind of price cut or at least lower price point revision before Pokemon launch. Most past Nintendo revisions or price cuts were timed just for release for Pokemon, Nintendo simple want that more people buy consoles in order to play Pokemon. Also Nintendo want Switch to sell like device per person instead od device per house, and they cant do that with $300. Also there is point that 3DS will be dead next year so they will need some kind of low price point offer.

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We are definitely getting some kind lower price point for Switch next year, only question if it will be thorough revision or current model will get $50 price cut.
Earliest we could get price cut is around E3, but also that depends from potential revision.

OP mentioned 3DS, 3DS is not important, it will be dead next year in any case, Nintendo will look to have lower price offer for Switch, they will not care about 3DS.

Also for people that saying that Switch doesnt need price cut, they are right, it doesn't need, but point of price cut is to more appealing product on market and Nintendo ultimate goal is to sell Switch like device per person insted of device per house, and they cant to that with $300 price.

Sometime in 2019.

You could have bought a Switch for $300 with a game right now - that will be the norm in 2019.


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I could see 2019 if they launched a Pro model. Or, I could see them releasing a 64 GB or 128 GB update and cutting the 32 GB models to clear out stock.

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I think the following will happen: They'll release a simpler new model, that is smaller but retains the same screen size, later next year for $250 and keep the current model at $300 but bundled with a game like they did with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this holidays. I think this way it would reach a wider audience. And then, on holiday 2020 they could always cut the models to $200 and $250 with a game bundled, to compete with Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles. This way, I think Switch would continue unaffected since the new machines will retail for at the very least $400, which would be the double of what Switch would be priced at.

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price cut and proper pokemon with pokemon bank is my requirement to have a go with nsw

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