When do you expect first "PRICE CUT" for Switch?

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There will likely be a revision in the second half of 2019 (more specifically, September) that improves the handheld capabilities and retails for $250 at most; better battery life and smaller size. Alternatively, this revision will ship as a handheld-first system, so a dock and controller for home use would have to be bought separately; as a standalone this revision would sell for $200. The idea is to make Switch more appealing to females in general and be the first step to take over the reins from the 3DS in the lower price segment of the console market, coupled with the crucial releases of Animal Crossing and Pokémon generation 8.

The regular Switch SKU is likely to take the value-added approach, meaning the price remains at $300, but a game is always included. That's something I can already see happening in the first half of 2019 (more specifically, May).

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Not until the first half of 2020, unless sales really falls(Which they won't)

They've already effectively instituted a price cut with the game bundles for Christmas. My guess would be we see it cut to $250 in February or March.

With the possible Trump tariffs on electronics manufactured in China, doubt we'll see one amy time soon.

Once sales starts slowing down or the New Switch DX with Funky Mode comes out.

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I'll say around Summer 2019 it will be dropped to $250

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I think you need strong software to go along with the price cut, but I would also like it if Nintendo did it April/May for Japan.


If rumours of a remodel are real, I doubt they’ll cut the price of the current switch model anytime soon. I’d take a punt and say the remodel (if it exists...pretty sure it does) will launch with next years heavy hitters ie animal crossing, the real Pokémon game (if it’s launching in 2019) and Luigi’s Mansion 3, (not sure if that’s a heavy hitter but likely to be kinda popular) all of which I would take a further punt and predict will arrive toward the end of 2019...so I wouldn’t be surprised if the redesigned machine launched around then.

Knowing Nintendo, they are more likely banking on a remodel (which they can treat as a relaunch) rather than a price cut to create a second wave boost to switch momentum. I’m assuming the new model will either be repriced or seem like better value for a similar price. So, yeah...

The demand is still very high. I dint see it getting cheaper soon.
But releasing a mini version with joycons attached (I think the costs could decrease a lot without a detachable joycon) and outputting only on HH mode even if plugged on TV (the system is build with restrictions of eventually be used on dock, with higher clock and cooling capacities, ditching these capabilities helps the size constraints of the system) would be a great opportunity. mid 2019, 200$.
Launch also an official mini dock that work for both versions of switch. 50$, with cable already.

Drops for the regular switch only in 2020.