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Platinum Games - Bayonetta 7 10.14%
From Software - Dark Souls, Bloodborne 19 27.54%
Codemasters - Grid, Dirt 1 1.45%
Kojima Productions - Death Stranding 20 28.99%
DontNod - Vampyr 0 0.00%
Others 14 20.29%
Multiple developers 8 11.59%
CGI-Quality said:

Well, what’s better/worse is usually up for interpretation. If strictly talking Xbox vs PlayStation, there is no question who has dominated (critically, commercially, and objectively). Throwing Nintendo in there puts them (Sony and Nintendo) on very competitive terms. Xbox just needs some revitalizing.

I'll disagree. Nintendo had two amazing games in 2017. They had nothing in 2016 and this year. Sony has been hitting it all three years. Their lineup has been far more consistently strong since the mid PS3 times and its still going. You can't just put 1 year in the middle as proof that Nintendo is competitive even just the past three years.

Bolded: Well...in about 2 weeks from now..

And I would technically give a nod to Pokemon Sun and Moon with a Metacritic of 87 in 2016. So for what it's worth, Nintendo and Game Freak released a great game in 2016. In fact, we kinda leave the handhelds in the background. As if research and development are not required to make 3DS games for Nintendo. Throughout the 3DS' life, it had:

- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

- The N64 Zelda 3D Remakes

- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Collab with Next Level Games)

- Super Mario 3D Land

- Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

- Mario Kart 7

- The Pokemon games (yea, you can pick whatever you like, they're all given favorable reviews so it goes down to preference)

- Kid Icarus: Uprising

- Fire Emblem Awakening

- Fire Emblem Fates (yea, these games are controversial among hardcore fans, but well-received nonetheless)

- Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

- Animal Crossing: New Leaf

- Kirby Triple Deluxe

- Kirby Planet Robobot

- Metroid: Samus Returns

And of course, you cannot forget the various 3DS exclusives (or former exclusives) such as Resident Evil: Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Bravely Default and Second, Draqon Quest VII and VIII remakes, Monster Hunter 4 and Generations, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Shin Megami Tensei and its spinoffs, the latest Etrian Odyssey games, Persona Q, etc.


Anyways, as for people mentioning Platinum Games, I really don't want to see it become exclusive to one company. I like that Platinum Games can develop multiplatform games or exclusives when asked. Of course, their man power may be in questioned due to how many projects they had to deal with the last several years, but I think it works out when Bayonetta releases on a Nintendo console (heck she's in Smash Bros. too) and Nier Automata releases on PS4 (later Xbone) and so forth.

Why take away opportunities for a company like Nintendo to work with Platinum Games if taken by Sony? Next thing you know, people will start asking Sony to take Atlus away from Sega because of Persona alone, even when Shin Megami Tensei seems to be doing fine on Nintendo platforms. You're only limiting the competition when they have less third party developers to work with. Rather not have a monopoly in the gaming industry. It gets too boring when the one console has all the latest tech and starts getting stagnant. Part of the reason why I appreciate Nintendo is because they are not aiming for the highest piece of tech, they aim to provide something different and something that I never thought of playing before, like the Wii, the DS, or the Switch. 

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None. I do not appreciate taking games away from people on purpose.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

None. Everybody just needs to make the best use of their current studios, rather than buying up other ones, imo.

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From Software and Insomniac are too big to be bought by Sony I think (even if they were up for sale). Reasonable acquisitions would be:

Kojima Productions, since Kojima was always in good terms with Sony and they are not only publishing his game with his new studio but they also allow him to use the Decima engine.
Bluepoint Games. They are not very big and they predominantly have always made Sony games.
Supermassive Games. Same reason as above.

Other than these (and these above are a big if) I believe Sony will continue to expand their current studios (and they are already doing it). For example if Naughty Dog can be expanded enough so they can work on 
two projects at a time, then they can release two games with the brand Naughty Dog on the box, and that is a big seller, as opposed to one Naughty Dog game and a game from a lesser known (and prestigious) studio. The same can be said for Santa Monica Studio, Guerilla Games, Polyphony Digital and Sucker Punch.

bananaking21 said:
Supermassive games. Until dawn was amazing and I would love for them to keep making bigger and bigger games

From software, Sony Japan's output isnt good, they made 2 good games this gen with the last guardian and gravity rush 2, but they weren't system sellers or sold that much. Sony needs it's Japanese games to have a bigger presence, and adding from software will complement their first party a lot. It would finally give them a studio capable of making jrpgs with world wide appeal

Didn't Sony Japan also make Astro Bot; the biggest system seller for PSVR this year

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:


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The developers Sony has are not enough to counter Microsoft's existing and new teams together and Nintendo's growing presence in the home console space with the Switch. Which studio do you want them to buy? There are a number of them Sony should buy such as Platinum Games, From Software which is my favourite developer and Codemasters for racing games.

this isnt Sonys MO. they buy companies they have a long working relationship with. The likely candidates would be Bluepoint, Insomniac, Supermassive and Quantic Dreams.

Besides, Sony opened 2 new studios, one in Manchester and the other in San Diego (seems new). So buying companies they have little working relationships with is extremely unlikely to happen.

Tsaki said:

From Software and Insomniac are too big to be bought by Sony I think (even if they were up for sale).

Insomniac is buyable. From Software isn't because it belongs to another company so nothing Sony can even do on that front.

I’m gonna go with quantic dream, who mostly make PlayStation exclusives anyway, and supermassive games, makers of until dawn. That’s it.

No one. I don't mind Microsoft buying studios, as they bring all their stuff to PC these days. But when Sony buys a studio, I'm stuck with the PlayStation. Which usually means I have to play at 30 fps. And I friggin' hate low framerates!

But that's just me, of course.

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Non, they dont need to accuare any studio, they are doing great currently and they have easily strongest 3rd party support, if they maybe need more exclusives, they can just found more 3rd party projects like did for instance Bloodborne.

I dunno.. i think they should buy into one or two of them. Last E3 they only showcased 4 games and next E3 there not even bothering. They will survive without however there games are taking more than acouple years to make so this can affect the output of games. Especially when there competitor has more studios under there belt now and with the high assurance of offering the more powerful playform. Sony couldn't really rely on 3rd party support like they were able to this gen.
I say Sony needs a couple studios with heavy multiplayer focus games inmind to fulfill the void they have currently.
Just my opinion.