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I don’t really like any of them. I mean, I wouldn’t put any of them in open view in a room that’s not a dedicated gaming/hobby room. Some look better than others sure, but none I’d really call ‘pretty’. The material used for the shell is often ugly, especially in consoles pre-6th gen. Basically, every console that’s made of plastic and looks like it is not good looking, because the plastic look makes them look and sound cheap. 6th gen onwards the look and feel of the material gets better though and it’s less of a problem. Especially in handhelds. Handhelds get the better end of deal anyway as far as I’m concerned, they’re often better looking. I like the look of things better when they’re more neutral, more plain looking and aren’t trying to scream how cool and edgy they are.

I guess the DSlite and DSi are the ones that fit most into that category, I’d say those are the best looking consoles.

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N64 all the way....

Ps2,loved that design.


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To me, it was the Dreamcast. It was an elegant piece of hardware.

Azzanation said:
curl-6 said:

Which console(s) look the best in your opinion, in terms of the aesthetics of the hardware itself, and why?

I know it was a flop on sales however the WiiU was one silky smooth looking machine.


I like it too. The curved edges give it a smooth, clean look.

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Honorable mentions for me beyond my top 3:

Sega Saturn

With its robust, no-nonsense form factor it really feels like a powerful beast of a machine.



Xbox 360 Slim

 Slick and cool with a high tech vibe.



Looked downright futuristic by mid-90s standards and like the Saturn seems to ooze power

PSVita is just gorgeous.

Only one console right now and that is xbox one s. If they had readily available white PS4, maybe that as well. 

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