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Final Fantasy 7 remake should be

Turn based RPG 39 67.24%
Action RPG 19 32.76%

Random encounters are great!

That said there was one particular map in Lost Odyssey where they were really ridiculous. It felt like you couldn't even take 2 steps without a battle triggering

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It wasn't until FF7 that random encounters in the FF series became tolerable. You can run for 30 seconds to a minute straight in many areas of the game before hitting a random encounter. It's much, much less than that in FF1-6. The JP version of FF7 has a higher random encounter rate from what I read, and the changes to a more spaced out random encounter design were made for the western releases. Smartest decision ever.

As for the poll:
FF7 can be both action and turn based, or rather menu selection based with timed inputs you need to keep track of on your party and the enemy. They can implement something akin to FFXV's wait mode. Just polish it up some more, add more control, time constraints determined between actions and bam.

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Random encounters can get really tedious and the main reason i quit Pokemon Diamond and one of the reasons i haven't finished Octopath Traveler yet, Combine that with going into combat it get even worse because of pre-battle preparation and post-battle summary.

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I quit FF10 because of them. I forgot something at some point and had to back track quite a bit which took forever, Every 5 steps another battle, too much. I preferred the way FF12 did it.

Nothing is worse than the random encounters in suikoden 4. They turned those up to insane levels. You are in a super slow ship most of the game and battles happen every 2 seconds and that is not an exaggeration. You could see the island you need to get to and it would still take you a couple hours to get there. It took forever to get anywhere. Only way I could play it was with a game shark and turning off the random battles. Even with no battles it still took forever to get anywhere because the ship was so dang slow. Whoever designed that crap was an idiot, they pretty much killed the suikoden franchise....

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turn based fighting --> I prefer that to real time action based combat by far. And I pretty much hate combat system where I e.g. have a party of 4 characters and I only control 1 people and the AI is controlling the others. When its only 1 character real time action based combat is fine though.

linearity --> no problem for me

too much reading --> not cool, but especially if there is no voice acting you can not avoid it

cliche characters and stories --> I dont care at all

too much anime --> there can be too much? ;) Seriously: Fine for me.

bad voice acting --> yeah, pretty disturbing (better NO voice acting at all than bad voice acting) I hate how we in germany often get Eng Dub only or Jap Dub with Eng Sub. Jap Dub with Ger Sub would be so awesome. But I got used to Eng Sub in the meanwhile. But only having Eng Dub is a reason for me to not buy a game at all - sorry, I can not stand it.

random encounters --> no problem with that. Only when its like every 4-5 footsteps then it is pretty annoying.

Skies of Arcadia's random battles were a bit over the top, in the Dreamcast version. Thankfully they toned them down on the Gamecube release. That's the only game I could remember where the amount of random battles really bothered me. Some of the battle network games too maybe.

I like turn-based battles, but I can't stand random encounters anymore. Probably why I felt Octopath never really resonated with me.

I'll add another complaint: Battle systems that drain your MP too quickly and force you to conserve your MP-restoring potions in dungeons, so you have to primarily stick to boring basic attacks until you get to a boss.


For me, random encounters aren't the problem. I prefer seeing enemies on a field map, but I can live with a game that has a decent encounter rate and escape rate. The real problem I have is grinding. It doesn't matter whether I can choose when to battle or not if I'm forced to choose to repeatedly and mindlessly battle to get past a boss or area that has a sudden jump in enemy levels and stats. That is an issue with a game's pacing and design, not with the way battles are encountered.

I played Tales of Phantasia on my GBA last year (started in 2016), and I could not agree more with your thoughts. I saw it through to the end, but I will never touch that game in its current form again. Random encounter rate out the ass, slowest paced battle system I have ever seen in my life (imagine an action-stopping FFVII summon every single time one of your party members, who is mandatorily in your party for more than half the game, casts a spell, and about 40 percent of the time for another party member), an MP (or TP)-based system like the one I mentioned above, and like many SNES RPGs, a horrible world map traversing system using Mode 7 that makes you waste more time guessing where to land than just walking there yourself (that would be true if not for the random encounter rate). I'm currently playing Tales of Graces f on the PS3, and I'm loving the battle system in it, and wondering if I can ever go back to the TP system in other Tales games now.

Snoorlax said:

turn based fighting


too much reading

cliche characters and stories

too much anime

bad voice acting 

 and the worst of all random encounters.


All of these are what most western gamers dislike about Japanese RPGs and is why they have fallen from the top since the 7th generation. 

Actually their sales have fallen off because they stopped doing a lot of this stuff.  Final Fantasy X is the 2nd best selling FF game, and it was the last to include turn-based random encounters.  They should try getting back to their roots.