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Immersiveunreality said:
celador said:

And still they persevere with the same engine, which apparently isn't changing for ESVI either. They have become very complacent

If the tools of that same engine are updated enough to make good improvements then there's no problem with using the same engine but yeah we will see about that . 

They've been changing tools for each game yet the same problems arise it's clear it's not the tools it's the framework that the tools are applied to.

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HintHRO said:
pokoko said:

Some reviewers like to play the game before they review it.

Game critics always get a game from the developer/publisher so they can play it and review it just before the release. This is the case with almost every game out there. Bethesda is probably well aware of the game's issues and knows it will score bad, which may influence sales. 

We all know Bethesda doesn't give review copies out in advance anymore. Additionally, to review an online game before it's "online" for the majority of players, wouldn't make sense anyway.

From what i have seen of this game counting in negatives and positives i would rate this a 4/10 myself.

melbye said:

I can't shake this feeling i have that Bethesda wanted this to fail so people would stop asking them for a multiplayer Fallout. Might be a ridiculous thing to think, but it just feels like such a low-effort game

This is what happens when you wish for a multiplayer Fallout with a monkey's paw.

John2290 said:
Mummelmann said:

The importance of mods for Bethesda games cannot be overstated, it adds so much to the experiences. It's equal parts funny and sad that community workaround and solutions have solved nearly all major issues in the last 3-4 major Bethesda titles. It's time they stepped back and took a long, hard look and started doing things a bit differently, and build a new engine for gods sake, it's laughable that they're planning on using the same engine for another 3-4 years at the very least.

Yeah but if the modders can make a modded version of skyrim look like a game released in 2018 with few bugs if modded corectly with no clashes, the engine isn't the problem. Maybe the staff just don't have the talent or are lazy, I get the feeling Todd doesn't have the balls to move some of the older morrowwind and Oblivion staff, mostly likely his good friends, to side projects as they can't seem to keep up with industry standards. Modders had F4 fixed within 6 months and looki like a whole new game befor ea year was even up. Perhaps if he can't fire the staff he should hire a  assist team to polish their work before release, something is rotten in the RPG division and I think bringing in a new engine might confuse the older staff into making a bigger mess of upcoming games. 

The engine is a lot more capable than we've seen, through extensions and modification, without a doubt. But Bethesda seem to favor ease of use far above visual fidelity, which is both good and bad, I suppose. And, to some extent, it makes little sense, Bethesda aren't exactly churning out games at an impressive rate either. I think that rely too much on UGC at this point, they know the editor and tools will help their titles remain evergreen and build their own momentum, without them doing much. It's solid business, but they're not doing consumers any favors by releasing games that are fairly hollow, despite their size and immersion.

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Ouch.. I never got into Fallout games, and I hear there terrible at optimising them.

I love fallout and played around 3000 hours of it since 2009
I believe this game is a slap across the face of fans and a step backwards
They should have done a remake of fallout 1 and 2 instead of this

DakonBlackblade said:
BraLoD said:
Good, backslash is due to Bethesda for years now.

I guess reviewers finaly stop giving them a pass for releasing nearly umplayable buggy messes.


Focus on ES, let Fallout perish. Good job Bethy.

It won't ever be a classic, single-player Fallout game, but bugs and flaws can be fixed, and the sense of emptiness may go away if the user base will grow enough to fill the world more.

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