With Sony out of E3 2019, are you ready to admit E3 is not the climax of gaming news it used to be?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - With Sony out of E3 2019, are you ready to admit E3 is not the climax of gaming news it used to be?

Wait, the OP is serious ? Just no. Sony isn't there but all these conferences with big reveals and stuff from 3rd party and exclusives for Nintendo/Microsoft will still be the heart of what makes E3 so much of a show above the others.

Did you honestly want to see Sony presenting the same lineup as last year ? At this point, it's just a strategic retreat that won't have much repercussion overall.

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Hell no. E3 is still very big. Gets bigger every year. Sony dipping on one year doesn't mean anything.

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Why do almost everyone assume that Sony left E3 completely. It's just one year and the reason for them not attending is definitely not E3 getting less relevant.


I'm conflicted about this. The main reason I watch E3 stuff is because of Sony so next year's will be almost completely irrelevant to me. Still, watching bombastic high quality trailers of games I most likely will never play is kind of an entertaining tradition every year.

I hope Sony comes back for 2020 and that they make their own event with cool stuff to show on 2019.

Well, now it isn't anymore.

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No, because the industry is much bigger than Sony

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E3 isn't what it was, that's been clear for a while now.

It's still the most important gaming news event, though, and Sony leaving doesn't change that.

BraLoD said:
LiquorandGunFun said:
i think its an opportunity for MS to blow the lid off the place.

loved the presentation by MS this year, disappointed hugely by sony. and still being disappointed. Thanks poor mans austin powers layden. i like shu much more.

granted they have some big first party titles coming out this upcoming year but it seems they have moved on to gearing up for ps5 a bit too early, which makes me think what about BC with ps4 for ps5?... getting that vita feeling of abandonment as a ps4 owner.

Seriously? You are having Vita feelings of abandonment as a PS4 onwer?

Vita was abandonned after a bit more than 1 year, while PS4 already have top of the industry exclusives by Sony to hit as far as 2020, the year the system will be getting to be 7 years old...


It's obvious bias talking there. If it wasn't, he'd be bashing MS, not Sony, as they have slowed their big exclusive releases to a trickle for the past two or three years. That's abandonment. But, also MS's MO for the past 3 gens.

And I also agree with your previous post. This is all about having their own events to reveal the PS5, giving it all the focus of the gaming media, as opposed to being part of a flood of info coming out of E3. 

E3 is dawning a lot of controversy, if that is the right word for it, regarding its future. on one hand, E3 2018 had one of the biggest crowds that they had in years, but the idea of E3 is becoming a bit obsolete. Sony is already spoken for. Nintendo could easily just do their own thing and have a huge Direct in the middle of summer followed by Treehouse, etc, without the restraints and costs of E3. and Microsoft is in a position to do whatever they want, pretty much whenever.

E3 is boring and not what it used to be when ps3 and xbox actually had a rivalry now its like watching the warriors pound the cavs in the finals and nintendo doing its own thing in rebuild to conquer mode like the celtics were
Sports analogy +1