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Sony has a reason to celebrate cause it has been a massive success, it has been a great console

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Definitly better than 120 million total sold. I would say 138 million.

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PwerlvlAmy said:
Errorist76 said:

Beating 360 and PS3 in just 5 years maybe?

I guess so, gives me a reason to drink champagne and play Spyro at the same time, so its a good enough reason as any

Heard ya.  By the way, I'm on my fifth cape codder tonight - and watching the first snow fall of the season as well.

Party Time

5 wonderful Gaming-Years for us : )

Been a great 3 years since I bought my own.

My PS4 backlog blew up the last few months :P


Here's to another great 5 years.


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Greatness awaits!

Congrats to Sony, PS4 is a fantastic Console, my most favourite of all time together with Playstation1 !
The next celebration will be when it will pass 100M...end of Sept/Oct 2019 :D

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Late to the party but:

Still need to play so many PS4 games.


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Keiji said:

Definitly better than 120 million total sold. I would say 138 million.

Its not likely to exceed 120mm if PS5 comes in 2020, as many suspect.  

5 fantastic Years :)
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